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Niall Horan’s Second Album Is On Its Way

Posted on November 14, 2017

Soon. Ish.

Niall Horan’s first solo album Flicker is a hit. It reached number one and pretty much everyone had his first single “Slow Hands” on repeat as soon as he released it. But instead of sitting idly and basking in the glory of it all, he’s already started thinking about his next album. 

Sitting down with Vanity Fair, Niall spilled the tea about how he celebrated his top charting album and future music plans.

“I’m not one to go crazy celebrating. I’m on a bit of a tour right now, and after I got the No. 1 I nearly wanted to go and write the next [album]. I got a goal right here. So, I don’t know, I just kinda keep my head down. It’s my first album. Everyone was a bit excited, you know. Everyone’s excited about it and stuff like that, so I’ll try and do my best on the next one.”

Photo: Niall Horan poses for Billboard photoshoot
Photo Courtesy Of Billboard | Twitter

There’s definitely no doubt that whatever his next project is, it will be just as great as his last and we’re already super excited. 

Niall also chatted about his love for Sam Smith’s second album The Thrill of It All, saying: 

“I’d obviously heard a couple of bits and pieces [before it came out]. We’re on the same label. But, hearing it as a collective, hearing his story, and just hearing his voice, and how talented the guy is. He’s just unbelievable. He’s kinda one of those people who can’t put a foot wrong really. But, yeah, he’s doing great.”

Photo: Niall Horan performing

Hmm, perhaps a future Niall and Sam collab? We’re into it.

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