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Lights Hits The House Of Strombo For An Intimate Session

Posted on November 30, 2017

It’s raw, emotional, and honest. 

The House Of Strombo has had an incredible line-up of artists over the years. Recently, Lights stopped by to perform and it was nothing short of amazing. Throughout the show she answers a few pressing questions and plays a set list packed with her hits and some covers. 

Photo: Lights for DRKN
Photo Courtesy Of Lights | Instagram

The “New Fears” singer opened up about her music and the message she’s trying to communicate with her fans. Her message is strong, important and it’s honest. She wants people to see that it’s not wrong to have flaws or to be emotionally broken. And it’s not always important to make what other people think are the right decisions for you. 

All of these points are the reasons why comic books resonate so strongly with the singer. The character in these comics are parallel to the characters of real people – they’re flawed, they make mistakes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re weak. With that in mind, it’s clear as to why she started her Skin&Earth series – she wants to represent the real and the relevant. 

Photo: Lights, Skin and Earth
Photo Courtesy Of Lights | Instagram

Alongside her short interview sesh, Lights also performed a set list of 7 songs. Some old, some new and some covers, but each as good as the next.

Check out the full session down below:

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