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Then & Now: The Ultimate Throwbacks Of Your Fave Artists

Posted on December 18, 2017

The difference a few years can make!  

From fresh faced teens to international superstars. We’re going to rewind a few years to see how your fave artists looked when they were just starting out. Compared to their 2017 selves, the differences are unbelievable, one may even go as far as to say they’re unrecognisable. 

Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Let’s take a stroll:

Taylor Swift

From country roots to a chart-topping pop sensation.

Demi Lovato

From Disney Channel star to a confident activist with powerhouse vocals.

Shawn Mendes

From a teenager taking Vine by storm to a successful artist touring the world with millions of fans. BOOM.

Selena Gomez

From Barney & Friends to Billboard’s Woman of the Year. How’s that for a glow up?! 

Justin Bieber

From a YouTube sensation to a Guinness World Record holder loved by millions of people around the world.

Hailee Steinfeld 

From a young movie actress to a strong triple threat – she can act, sing AND dance. PLUS, she’s our style crush

The Weeknd

From the streets of Toronto to a Grammy award winning artist.

Ariana Grande

From a Nickelodeon actress to an international pop star.

Niall Horan

Who would’ve known what life had in store for Niall when he went to audition for X Factor UK. From becoming a member of the world’s biggest boyband to launching a huge solo career – he’s unstoppable right now.

Nick Jonas

From small theater shows to taking the stage with his fam in the Jonas Brothers to rocking the stage internationally, all by himself. Made it. 

There you have it! The glow up is real.

Let us know your fave transformation in the comments below, or tweet us over @umusic.