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Definitive Proof That Sam Smith Is Currently Living His Best Life

Posted on April 11, 2018

Sam Smith really is in “The Thrill Of It All”

We just couldn’t help but notice that Sam Smith is truly LIVING right now. He’s the positive beacon shining through our Instagram feed with posts from his amazingly adventurous life. We could not be happier for him and so, we’ve decided to take a moment to live vicariously though some of his best moments from this year. So come along and soak up some of these positive vibes with us!✌️

First off, this throwback from The Ellen Show to show just how far he’s come.

Oh, how the time flies! 

Sam’s found a bae. His name is Brandon.

Does he look familiar? Well, that would be because he’s on the Netflix show called 13 Reasons Why. We are living for all of the cute snaps Sam posts of them, like this one from their picturesque boat ride. 

PHOTO: Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn

They wear matching onesies.

Where can we find love like this?

PHOTO: Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn

And they have a baby.

JUST KIDDING. But if this is a sneak peek into them as parents, we’re super here for it.

PHOTO: Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn

Sam performed a tribute last month to the great Elton John.

And it was spectacular. Of course.

They’re basically besties at this point.

However, Sam’s friendship with Julie Andrews could be giving Elton a run for his money. A-list celeb pal goals.

He’s been eating very well.

Can’t you tell? Watching his Instagram is making us really hungry. 

He can do no wrong.

The occasional In N Out burger is essential for all, including superstars.

PHOTO: Sam Smith at In N Out Burger

He also got a cake with his face on it!

If it tastes anything like the album sounds, then it’s bound to be delicious.

PHOTO: Sam Smith with Cake


Celebrating every holiday to the fullest.

On St. Patrick’s with a proper Guinness.

And he’s traveling all over the world.

To some of the most exciting places, including the Santa Monica Pier.

PHOTO: Sam Smith on a roller coaster

Makes sense considering he’s on a sold out world tour.

Check out his sweet digs in this behind-the-scene video!

And with every new tour comes stunning new merch.

An outfit incomplete without the signature high heels. SLAY SAM SLAY.

And if heels aren’t your thing…

Sam’s got a sweet pair of custom Adidas. If you’re nice enough, maybe he’ll let you borrow them.

PHOTO: Sam Smith Custom Adidas

And to top it all off, he’s got a brand-new single!

Pray featuring Logic. You’ve got to listen.

So we wanna know: what is your favourite moment from Sam Smith’s new era? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter at @umusic