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5 Times Our Favourite Artists Got Pranked

Posted on May 18, 2018

Everyone loves a good laugh, right?

Watching someone get pranked is more than just a cheap laugh. It’s an understanding that anyone can be vulnerable. That’s why we especially love watching our favourite artists get pranked as it makes us feel that much closer to them. Celebrities, they’re really just like us. So when Canada’s sweetheart, Shawn Mendes, stopped by Capital FM in the UK to help promote his new music, he walked right into the middle of a perfect prank that made us love him even more. Just watch:

Of course, we can only feel for Shawn during the whole video as he’s seen assisting in the proposal of a couple that goes wrong. Don’t worry Shawn, you meant no harm. Watching his reaction and this video in it’s entirety had us thinking. Who else has been pranked? Get ready for some of the BEST artist pranks we’ve ever seen.

1. Taylor Swift Gets a Scary Surprise

2. Justin Bieber Punks Miley Cyrus (Explicit)

3. Selena Gomez Gets Scared TWICE On Ellen

4. 5 Seconds Of Summer Play Radio Hosts

5. Drake Gets Punked In A Parking Garage

All of these are hilarious! Do you have a favourite?! Let us know by tweeting us @umusic.