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Proof That Shawn Mendes’ Album Is Actually The Soundtrack To Your Life

Posted on June 08, 2018

Shawn’s got everything covered

Shawn Mendes’ new self-titled album recently reached #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. After giving it a listen (or twenty) it became pretty clear that not only is it an amazing album, but it’s also basically a soundtrack to life. Did you need the ideal road trip song? What about something to get you through a tough breakup? Shawn’s got you covered. 

Check out our track-by-track rundown of the perfect situation for each tune.

In My Blood

This is a great song for when you need to help yourself find calmness. Whether it’s before a big test or when you’re simply feeling low, whatever situation you find yourself in that’s causing you to feel this way, this song is super soothing. Shawn has discussed in interviews that the song is about struggling with his anxiety


“Nervous” is on its way to becoming one of our favourite summer anthems. The song talks about having a such a big crush on someone that it makes you nervous to be around them. Upbeat and fun, it also happens to make the perfect tune to blast at the beach with your pals. 

Lost In Japan

“Lost In Japan” is an upbeat, R&B style song. Shawn has said in interviews that he’d been listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake at the time he was recording it. We aren’t lying when we say this is the perfect driving song. Put it on in the car during a road trip (or on your way to work) – bonus points if you just so happen to be lost.

Where Were You In The Morning?

This is another song on the album with R&B vibes. Even though the lyrics are sad, this song is too catchy not to jam to in your morning shower. Make it a part of your routine, and we guarantee it won’t disappoint.

Like To Be You

Do you have certain songs you put on to get things done? This is one of those songs that would be perfect for that. “Like To Be You” has a driving beat and features none other than the amazingly talented Julia Michaels. 

Fallin’ All In You

Picture this: you’re sitting in your favourite coffeeshop. This song comes on. You lock eyes with a gorgeous stranger. Need we say more? Fairytale vibes.

Particular Taste

Are you needing some motivation to get your workout going? With a strong, catchy rhythm, “Particular Taste” is the perfect addition to any workout playlist.


This slower tune on the album is perfect for a chill day, whether that means an outdoor stroll or an indoor study session. 

Because I Had You

In this song, Shawn talks about what it feel like to know you need to move on from a relationship, even if you don’t want to. Put this one on after a hard breakup. We promise Shawn has got your back here.


Needing some confidence or maybe just a mood boost in general? If you’ve had a bad day we guarantee “Queen” will put you back on top.

Youth ft. Khalid

On days when you feel overwhelmed by life, give this deeply emotional song a listen for some empowerment. 


Hosting a party? In need of a catchy and upbeat anthem to set the right tone? Look no further than “Mutual”. The slow build to the chorus is bound to get people pumped up.

Perfectly Wrong

In this gorgeous acoustic ballad, Shawn describes a relationship in which the other person is “Perfectly Wrong” for him. Despite that, he can’t quite leave. Have we serenaded a pint of ice cream with this tune? Yes. Would we recommend it? Also, yes.

When You’re Ready

Shawn is waiting for someone and it isn’t us (sigh). This song is about being so head-over-heels for someone you’re willing to wait years to be with them. Whenever you need a reminder that love does in fact exist, give this gorgeous ballad a listen.

There you have it! When do you listen to these songs from the new Shawn Mendes album? Let us know over on Twitter @umusic