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7 Celeb Selfies That Prove They're Just Like Us

Posted on June 21, 2018


Do you like to follow the exciting and seemingly wild lives of celebrities? It may not seem likely, but behind all the glitz and glamour, your favourite celebs are just like us! Don’t believe it? Surprisingly enough, all the proof you need can be found in their selfie game. Check it out!

1: Selfie with the fam? Absolutely!

For her grandmother’s birthday, Ariana celebrated with a cute selfie of the two. Even more adorable was the caption:

happppppy birthday queen motha ! the epitome of style, grace, hilariousness and bad ass Italian grandmotherness. the toughest of cookies and an inspiration to all ! I’m SO GRATEFUL to be here with her to celebrate ! 92 neva looked so fly. 🙏🏼♡

Image courtesy of Ariana Grande Instagram |

2: They too enjoy a picture with pals

Just like you, celebrities like to capture special moments with their favourite people. While dropping by to perform her song “Hands To Myself” on Taylor’s Reputation tour, Selena snapped a quick selfie with her friend.

Image courtesy of Selena Gomez Instagram |

3: Sometimes they need a little confidence too

Demi is known for her makeup-free selfies and body-positive Instagram posts, but she didn’t always have the confidence to appear in public makeup-free! She’s discussed her journey to self-acceptance, and hopes to inspire her fans to do the same.

Image courtesy of Demi Lovato Instagram |

4: They love a good filter just as much as the rest of us

Here, Rhianna demonstrates a flawless use of the cat filter on Instagram. FLAWLESS.

Image courtesy of Rihanna Instagram |

5: They aren’t always all dressed up

Leave it to down-to-earth songstress Alessia Cara to remind us that even celebrities need to relax in their comfy clothes. We feel you, Alessia.


Image courtesy of Alessia Cara Instagram |

6: Mirror selfies? They take those too

Even busy celebrities like Johnny Orlando still take time for a good mirror selfie. We understand, you have to take advantage of good lighting.

Image courtesy of Johnny Orlando Instagram |

7: Like us, their selfie game wasn’t always flawless

Shawn Mendes shared this adorable throwback to celebrate reaching 20 million followers on Instagram, captioning it:

Damn. 20 million people. Thank you so much guys! Heres one of the first photos i ever put on Insta… LOL x

Image courtesy of Shawn Mendes Instagram |

There you have it! Celebrities, they’re just like us. Which celebrity selfie was your favourite? Let us know over on Twitter! @umusic