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FYI: Drake’s Album ‘Scorpion’ Is Full Of Perfect Instagram Captions

Posted on July 05, 2018

And we’ve pulled out the best ones for you 

Unless you’ve been on a major holiday with no access to any form of technology, then you are fully aware that Drake aka The 6ix God, has released his long-awaited album, ‘Scorpion’. Of course it’s full of bangers and what would a Drake album be without the countless quotable lyrics that you relate to on a personal level. 

Seeing as it’s 2018, there seems to be no better way to showcase your favourite lyrics from the album than through your Instagram caption. Send a subliminal message to let that ex know you’re secretly still interested, or in another case that you are seriously over them and never looking back.

There’s dozens of other scenarios that Drake refers to, so whatever you’re feeling this album has got you covered. So, get ready to bump your caption game up because we’ve gone through and pulled out the most insta-worthy lines from ‘Scorpion’.

For the times when you just have to let them know it’s 100% over: 
“Don’t hit me when you hear this and tell me your favorite song”

– “Emotionless”

When you just have to let them know your worth:
“I’m the chosen one
Flowers never picked themselves”

– “Sandra’s Rose”

Gotta let ’em know how #unbothered you are:
“Only lyin’ I do is lyin’ out in the tropics. Only cryin’ I do is cryin’ from laughin’ ’bout it/Only lackin’ I can do is my lack of responses’

– “Is There More”

When it all goes south, only for them to end up with your döppelanger:
“How you go from that to endin’ up with someone just like”
– “Summer Games”

When your fans are doing the most & it feels great:
“My comment section killin’ me” 

– “Can’t Take a Joke”

For the times when you’re trying to drop sublte hints that you kinda, sorta want them back:
“Lord knows you still look amazing, that’s besides the point I’m making” 

– “Jaded”

The feeling when you know your selfie game is on point: 
“Gotta hit them angles”

– “Nice For What”

When you gotta let them know that life is hella good & you’re unfazed by the negativity: 
“I wanna thank God for working way harder than Satan
He’s playing favorites, it feels amazing” 

– “Elevate” 

Best used for the caption on a fire selfie after your ex-boo decides to slide back into the DMs:
“It’s too late for all that lovey-dovey sh*t” 

– “Mob Ties”

The ultimate caption for that snap of your squad:
“Ten of us, we movin’ as one” 

– “Talk Up”

Mood all Summer ’18:
“Work all winter, shine all summer”

– “That’s How You Feel”

Drake may be talking about his son, but we think this is the perfect caption for that adorable pic of you and bae: 
“I promise if I’m not dead then I’m dedicated”

– “March 14”

There you have it, The 6ix God has officially blessed your IG. When we told you there was a caption for every mood and situation, we were being serious. What Drake lyric would you use as your next insta caption? Let us know with a tweet over @umusic