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Definitive Proof That Billie Eilish’s Wardrobe Is One Of A Kind

Posted on August 14, 2018

A true style queen

Billie Eilish is seriously taking over the music scene at just 16 years old. From her most recent release “You Should See Me In A Crown” to “Ocean Eyes”, the song that kicked it all off for the young artist, people can’t praise Billie’s music enough. 

But it’s not only her music that people are talking about, Billie has one of the most unique wardrobes out there. From matching head to toe Gucci outfits to silky monochromatic pink tracksuits, she’s not shy when it comes to experimenting with fashion. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a post on Billie’s Instagram (quirkily titled @wherearetheavocados – but that’s a whole different story) where she isn’t sporting an outfit that makes you think, “Okay, that is SO cool.” So, we’ve pulled together this gallery of some of her coolest looks yet to showcase just how stylish this up and coming artist is. Check it out: 

Do you have a fave look that we didn’t include? Let us know with a tweet @umusic.