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These Adorable Celebrity Pets Are Living Their Best Lives

Posted on August 28, 2018

Some pets have all the luck

There’s few things in life that can make us melt into a puddle of tears while saying “awww” and speaking in an annoyingly high pitched voice, and animals are one of those things. So when it’s a matter of our fave celebs with their adorable pets, it’s basically game over.

From cuddly cats to dogs that have won actual awards at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, these pets are the cream of the crop. 

Taylor Swift and her cats Meredith & Olivia 

Everyone knows T. Swift’s cats. Not only do they make frequent appearances on her own Instagram account, but they also have their very own fan accounts dedicated to just them. 

Photo: Taylor Swift
Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift | Instagram

Luke Hemmings and his pooch Petunia

It doesn’t get much cuter than a boy and his dog. Except when it’s a boy cuddling his dog like Luke cuddles Petunia. We’re weak.

Photo: Luke Hemmings
Photo courtesy of Luke Hemmings | Instagram

Ariana Grande’s award-winning pup Toulouse

Sure, your dog is great, but has it won an iHeartRadio Music Award for Cutest Pet? Ariana Grande’s dog Toulouse has.

Photo: Ariana Grande and her dog
Photo courtesy of Ariana Grande | Instagram

Johnny Orlando & his pups 

A puppy for each hand because the more dogs, the merrier. Right, Johnny? 

Photo: Johnny Orlando
Photo courtesy of Johnny Orlando | Instagram

Michael Clifford and Southy

5 Seconds Of Summer’s Michael Clifford knows how to pamper his pup. Nothing says celeb pet like taking trips on a private jet.

Photo: Michael Clifford
Photo courtesy Michael Clifford | Instagram

The Weeknd and his Dobermans

Potentially the most regal looking dogs going. Very fitting.

Photo: The Weeknd
Photo courtesy of The Weeknd | Instagram

Rihanna’s adorable pup, Pepe

Throwback to the time Rihanna found this ridiculously cute puppy in the bathroom of a club and documented the entire thing on her Snapchat. All we ever find in public washrooms is gum stuck to our shoes and a lack of toilet paper.

Photo: Rihanna

Calum Hood and his cuddly puppy

Cuddly dog pics will never cease to get us right in the heart. 

Photo: Calum Hood
Photo courtesy Calum Hood | Instagram

The 1975’s band pooch, Allen

The 1975’s shared pup Allen Ginsberg (named after the famous American beat poet), has become a beloved figure among the band’s fandom and for good reason. Look at that face.

Photo: The 1975
Photo courtesy of The 1975 | Instagram

Brad Simpson’s cuddly pup, Jesse 

Don’t you wish your dog was as eager as Brad’s to take a selfie with you? Same.

There you have it. Celebs and their famous pups being absolutely charming. We’re feeling a little emotional at all the cuteness, but we’re also suckers for punishment, so send over more cute snaps of celebs and their pet on Twitter @umusic.