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MEET: ASHS, Toronto’s Newest Pop/Electronic Sensation

Posted on September 14, 2018

In an era of fake accounts, fake looks, and fake news on social media, ASHS is a breath of fresh air.

Emerging from Toronto’s underground music scene, ASHS brings a fresh and eclectic sound with strong pop and electronic influences. Pronounced “Ashes,” the mysterious artist notably keeps her face mostly hidden, preferring to keep the focus on her music. 

With the release of her debut EP 3AM Pt. 1 last month, ASHS’ upbeat melodies and transcendent lyrics on her first single “More Than Friends” are a perfect example of why the music should be the focus. 

“More Than Friends” is a self-proclaimed anti-love song, with broad declarations of independence. 

Don’t wanna love anybody but myself, I’m all I need, don’t need no help from you
And I can’t pretend that we’re more than friends cause it just ain’t true
The irony of mature and self-aware lyrics sung over a catchy bop-your-head melody is not lost. 
Speaking to Line of Best Fit, ASHS says, 
“I wrote ‘More Than Friends’ in a strange transitionary period. My mind was messy and confused about someone I had just met, and I was filled with conflicting emotions on whether I wanted to indulge in that person or not. In this writing session, the lyrics flowed out so quickly and effortlessly that I took it as a message from my subconscious to stay away from him. When creating this song with my producer (Gustav Nystrom), I wanted the production to be a playful juxtaposition to the lyrics. I felt like the music should reflect the confidence and attitude I was feeling at the time.”
3AM Pt. 1 is available now on all your favourite music platforms.