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You’ll Never Guess What Post Malone Spent $40,000 On

Posted on October 25, 2018

Just Post Malone being Post Malone 

Now when us normal folk spend a whopping $40,000 on anything, it’s typically a huge purchase that is somewhere along the lines of a house or car. However, when you’re a rockstar like Post Malone, that’s not necessarily the case. Celebrities have been known to spend tens of thousands of dollars on things like shoes or jewellery and many other absurd things. It’s just the Hollywood way, right? 

Photo: Post Malone
Photo courtesy of Post Malone | Instagram
by Adam Degross

Well, Post Malone’s splurge comes in the form of food. And no, it’s not an outrageous bill racked up at an expensive restaurant when he was treating all of his friends. In the last year Posty dropped $40,000 on takeout via the food delivery app Postmates.

It’s been reported by TMZ that Post makes most of his orders while on tour and his favourite spots to order from include Chick-fil-A, Burger King, KFC, Panda Express, and Popeyes. They also shared that his orders tallied up to over 660 deliveries in 52 different cities throughout the USA. Wild.

What do you make off this news? Reckon Post Malone needs a special Postmates customer loyalty card or what? Let us know over on Twitter @umusic.