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10 perfect Julia Michaels lyrics for your next Instagram post

Posted on January 23, 2019

Struggling to find the perfect caption to go with your next Instagram post?

Have no fear! Julia Michaels has got you covered. Check out this collection of unforgettable lyrics from Julia and choose the one that suits your IG post the best. 


“I could love you just like that, and I could leave you just this fast” – Issues

“Fallin’ for him was like fallin’ from grace” – Heaven

“Remember when I used to be happy for you?” – Worst in Me

“You make me forget that I’m not ready for love” – Jump

“Cause I’m getting some kind of shake without you” – Uh Huh

“I wish I could be that tender, stable girl, that you want, but I’m not” – Make it Up To You

“I thought that we were good enough, I thought that you needed love” – Don’t Wanna Think

“I wish you were a pancake, so I could eat you up” – Pancake

“I picked so many petals and they all said the same, the last one in my hand had your name” – Next to You

“I got a perfect solution. What do you say? Let’s start a revolution” – Futuristic


Which one did you choose? Let us know on twitter @umusic or tag us in the post, and be sure to keep up with Julia Michaels on her Instagram and twitter