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Behind the Lyrics: “365” by Zedd and Katy Perry

Posted on February 15, 2019

Katy Perry and Zedd have teamed up to release their new single “365.” The pop song features Katy Perry singing over a rhythmic instrumental by the German-Russian producer. The duo also released a music video for the track, which can be viewed here:

Now that you’ve heard the song, you may be looking for some insight into the lyrics. Well, look no further – here is our breakdown of Katy Perry and Zedd’s “365”:

Verse 1

Waking up next to you in the middle of the week
Never needed anyone to send me off to sleep
And I know I said go slow, but I can’t hold back no more
Got a premonition this ain’t gonna be a fling
You make the weekend feel like a year
Baby, you got me changing
24/7, I want you here
I hope you feel the same thing

Analysis: In the first verse, Katy Perry is singing about someone she is currently seeing. She is quickly developing strong feelings for this person, despite her attempts to “go slow.” Katy wants to be with this person 24/7, and she hopes they feel the same way. 


I want you to be the one that’s on my mind
On my mind, on my mind
I want you to be there on a Monday night
Tuesday night, every night
Are you gonna be the one that’s on my mind?
3-6-5, all the time
I want you to be the one to stay
You give me the night and day

Analysis: Basically, Katy Perry is sprung. She is transfixed and slightly obsessed. Katy sings that wants to be with this person all the time – 365 days a year. 

Verse 2 

Love it when you come back and can’t take it when you leave
Got me fantasizing our initials already
And I wanna just let go, falling deeper than before
Say that you are ready, lock it up in a heartbeat

Analysis: In the second verse, Katy reiterates her growing fixation with being together with the person she is singing about. She even mentions that she “can’t take it” when this person is away from here. She wants this person to say that they’re “ready” so that they can “lock up’ (or start) their relationship. 


I think about you all the time
24/7, 3-6-5
I think about you all the time
24/7, 3-6-5

Analysis: Yup, Katy’s sprung! She is enamored with this person.  


Ooh, ooh ooh ooh
Are you gonna be the one? (One, one, one, one)
Ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh
Are you gonna be the one? (Are you gonna be the one?)
I want you to be the one

Analysis: Is this person going to be the one? So many questions. We’ll have to wait and see!

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