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This Dance Montage From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Way Too Relatable

Posted on February 27, 2019

If you’ve ever performed a sold-out concert in front of your mirror, you need to watch this clip from The Umbrella Academy.

If you’re a serious Netflix binger, you’ve probably come across The Umbrella Academy.

The hot new TV series (based on the comic books written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá) follows a group of estranged superhero siblings brought together by the death of their father. Sounds heavy, right? But the scene that has everybody talking is a very fun moment in an otherwise dark show.

After coming together in their father’s mansion, the five siblings (Number One (Tom Hopper), Number Two (David Castaneda), Number Three (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Number Four (Robert Sheehan) and Number Seven (Ellen Page)) each go to their respective rooms. But then Tiffany’s #1 hit “I Think We’re Alone Now” reverberates through the house, and each sibling cuts loose in their own way.

Watch the clip below:

We see Number One shed his tough exterior; Number Seven come out of her shell for a moment of liberation; and Number Three completely own the mirror dance. It’s a contagious scene that makes you want to jump off the couch and join in.

I just kept thinking when I was a kid and I’d be away from — I’d be in college, I’d come home to my house and I’d see my room from home. I grew up in that room. I thought, instantly all the memories come back to you,” showrunner Steve Blackman says to TV Guide. “So here are these 30-year-old [people, a] dysfunctional family. They’ve arrived for a funeral, and they all think they’re so different, but then when they go to the rooms and they forget about everyone else in the house, there’s sort of, you realize they’re really similar, and they’re all sorts of kids at heart. All that bullsh– goes away and they come back to sort of that idea that they’re just having fun. So what better to do than to dance in your own room, to sing ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany?”

If you need a refresher on Tiffany’s ’80s pop anthem, listen below:

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