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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Baby

Posted on March 05, 2019

Lil Baby has emerged as one of hip-hop’s most promising up and comers, and he’s done it in a really short period of time. He’s only been rapping for a few years, but he sounds like a seasoned veteran on most of tracks. If his standout releases like Drop Harder and Street Gossip are any indication, Lil Baby will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time. Here are five interesting facts you may not have known about the Atlanta rapper:

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The origin of his name

Lil Baby spent time with a lot of the “older heads” when he was younger. When he wouldn’t answer his mom’s calls, she would go out and check on him. His older friends would tease him, calling him “baby” because his mom was always checking on him. The name stuck, hence “Lil Baby.”

He went to the same high school as OutKast

Lil Baby attended Tri Cities High School in East Point, Georgia – the same high school as the legendary hip-hop duo OutKast. He spoke very highly of his alma mater OutKast, and even said that Andre 3000 is the artist that he would most like to collaborate with. Yes, please!

Quality Control Music

Lil Baby is signed to Quality Control Music, a record label based in Atlanta, Georgia. Quality Control Music is also the record label for various other Atlanta rap stars – namely Lil Yachty and the Migos. Lil Baby has collaborated with his label mates on several tracks. 

Speaking of other Atlanta rap stars, Lil Baby teamed up with Gunna for their album Drip Harder. You can stream it here: 

He has an unreal jewelry collection

Lil Baby sat down with GQ to show off his unreal jewelry collection. His several pieces include a diamond encrusted “Lil Baby” chain. He also owns several rings and watches, which he usually wears two of. Check out the full video here:

He has a message for the youth

In an interview with MONTREALITY, Lil Baby offered some advice for younger people: 

“If you’re going to do the crime prepare to do the time […] violence ain’t the way to go. Know what i’m sayin’? Everything’s got an answer to it. If you’re going to man up and do it then man up and answer the consequence. With that being said, just don’t do it.”

Sage advice! Watch the full interview here: 

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