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The Jonas Brothers Break-Up was Rougher Than You Think…

Posted on April 25, 2019

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The boyband cycle of creation, ‘peak’, break-up, and reunion seems to be expected by now. The Jonas Brothers underwent this exact cycle with the added pressure of being related.

The JB break-up was announced on October 29, 2013. Fans from around the world were heartbroken at the news but knew there would be solo music from at least one of the members. Nick and Joe Jonas delved into their solo careers: Nick Jonas and DNCE. Fans suspected that the break-up was due to Nick wanting to pursue a music career wherein he would be a solo artist – and it kind of was. But there’s more.

Photo courtesy of: Billboard | Ruvan Afanador

Everyone had assumed the break-up was a gradual process with Nick’s solo goals as a priority. However, in the Jonas’ Brothers recent article with Billboard, the boys reveal the break-up was much rougher than anyone had predicted.

The brothers shared that there was heavy tension, brotherly arguments, and unhealthy communication around the time of the band’s separation. The conflict within the band affected more than just the music they were producing. Joe recalls feeling as if they were ‘forcing’ their behaviour and musical material as a band.

Photo courtesy of: Billboard | Ruvan Afanador

The first mending of the band’s relationship initiated when Kevin Jonas began to start his family. Kevin’s daughters Alena and Valentina have proven to be the heart of the Jonas family over the years. Through social media and the previously aired television show Married to Jonas, it was obvious how much love Uncle Nick, Uncle Joe, and dad Kevin have for the two girls that brought them closer together.

Photo courtesy of: Billboard | Ruvan Afanador

The second stage in healing the band took place in Australia in June of 2018. The three brothers turned their therapy session into a drinking game. The three wrote down questions that had been burning since their split in 2013. After placing the questions in a bowl, each brother picked the questions one-by-one and answered them. The other two brothers would rate the answers on an honesty scale from 1 – 10 (10 being the worst). Depending on the rating, the brother answering the question would have to drink for the rating number in seconds.

The drinking session had healed their relationship on a basic level, but it was not enough. The brothers bought a house in California that resulted in ample quality and healing time. Joe was the one to be unsure of a reunion while his commitment remained with his post-Jonas Brothers band, DNCE. It wasn’t until a trip to Cuba and a group performance of ‘Lovebug’ in an apartment that Joe changed his mind. (And thank goodness he did!)

““We were playing ‘Lovebug’ [from 2008] in this beautiful apartment complex,” says Joe. “I was so happy. I looked at the guys and was like, ‘I’m ready. Let’s do this, for real.’ “

Joe Jonas, Billboard

A Jonas Brother documentary will be released on Amazon later this year.

The Jonas Brothers will release their album Happiness Begins on June 7th!

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