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10 BTS Moments from Johnny Orlando’s ‘Waste My Time’ Music Video

Posted on June 01, 2019

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On June 1st, Johnny Orlando released the music video for his track: ‘Waste My Time’. After showcasing a preview of the video at his Toronto #TeenageFeverTour show, Johnny stans could not wait to get their hands on the full video.

Johnny uploaded the ‘Waste My Time’ trailer on the Monday before the release and fans were beyond excited. We’ve all been waiting a long time for this video!

Thankfully, the wait is over! Johnny has released the full music video for ‘Waste My Time’ and it is everything. The video features Johnny dancing atop of a car, a literal freeze of time, and more!

To celebrate the ‘Waste My Time’ music video, we’ve put together a list of 10 behind the scene moments from Johnny’s ‘Waste My Time’ music video shoot.

1. Johnny’s sweater says: ‘Style’

One of Johnny’s outfits in the music video consists of an orange turtleneck. Stitched across the neck of the sweater is Chinese script that translates to ‘style’ in English.

Since translations on clothes can’t always be trusted, one of the members on set texted her mom a photo of the sweater to confirm the translation!

2. It was COLD

The video shoot took place over two days in April in Toronto. If you have experienced a winter season in Canada, you know the final months of winter can be the most brutal (and unpredictable). Johnny, the cast, and crew were trying to stay as warm as possible throughout the shoot.

In an attempt to stay warm, the team was carrying around blankets all day and indulged in a canon-shaped ‘flamethrower’ that would blast out hot air.

On the second day of the shoot, Mother Nature decided to make it rain. Thankfully, the second day was an indoor shoot: specifically when Johnny was running up the stairs and towards the camera.

3. Johnny had an audience while filming

Blocking off an entire street in Toronto with a film crew, extras, and helping hands is definitely not subtle. As Johnny was filming outside for quite a few of the street scenes, fans began to find him! There were a few adorable fan photos circulated from the shoot day.

A woman who lives in a building on the street Johnny was filming on got to watch the entire shoot from the comfort of her home. She was in no need of blankets and the canon-like flame thrower.

4. Johnny danced on the director’s car

A memorable part of Johnny’s music video is the scene where he’s dancing atop of a car and pedestrians are frozen around him.

The car in the video is not a rental – it actually belongs to the director! Alex P Smith leant his car to the ‘Waste My Time’ music video for the optimal aesthetic. Thanks Alex, you’re the real MVP!

5. There was lots of polaroid taking!

While the shoot was going on, there were multiple polaroids being taken.

The photo above is one of those polaroids!

Do you want to win the signed Johnny Orlando polaroids? Stay tuned to @umusic socials – we’ll be giving some away over the summer!

6. Johnny’s mom and Darian were on set!

Music video shoots are fun, but music video shoots with family are always better.

Braving the cold, Johnny’s sister Darian and mom Meredith were on set to support Johnny and to help with content!

7. The ‘frozen’ extras aren’t edited

Throughout the video, ‘frozen’ people can be spotted. These actors were not edited in as images later on in the music video process.

The actors had to remain THAT still the entire time the scene was being filmed! No one could even blink. In the photo above, Johnny can be seen touching a ‘frozen’ actor’s hand. Standing still while Johnny Orlando is reaching to touch your hand? Must be nice, can’t relate.

8. The videographer was on a hover board

In order to get clean shots of Johnny running, the videographer was on a hover board.

The videographer was whipping all over the place on the vehicle with only two wheels, which obviously made for the perfect, smooth video shots!

9. Johnny’s hair was very well taken care of

Johnny’s hair had to be touched up before every shot!

A mix of cold weather, running, singing, and dancing atop of cars does not make for consistently perfect hair. The little touch up’s kept Johnny’s hair looking flawless throughout the entire video.

10. Johnny loves his Starbucks

On both days of the shoot, Johnny made sure he had a Starbucks drink in hand.

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