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5 Times Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were Couple Goals

Posted on June 11, 2019

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Photo courtesy of: joejonas | Instagram

We don’t know who we are more envious of – Joe Jonas for being married to the Queen of the North or Sophie Turner for being married to a Jonas Brother.

The two began dating around August 2016 before making it official on January 1, 2017 via Sophie’s instagram post.

This was just the beginning of forever as ever since the photo of Joe went up, the pair have been inseparable! Here is a list of 5 times’ Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were couple goals!

(Side note: Joe and Sophie are the perfect excuse to revive the phrase ‘couple goals’)

1. They support each other’s projects

Photo courtesy of: sophiet | Instagram

Nothing makes us happier than a couple that wholeheartedly supports each other. As both halves of the power couple are constantly busy with their hectic schedules, they do make time to post and support each other on their social media pages.

The week of June 3, 2019 was a big one for Joe. It saw the release of the Jonas Brothers’ documentary, Chasing Happiness, on June 4 as well as their first studio album in 10 years, Happiness Begins, on June 7.

With all the joy and excitement for this new chapter of the band, it also marked the release of Sophie’s movie, X-MEN: Dark Phoenix which released the same day as the album. Turner plays the iconic character of Jean Grey, and Jonas turned to both his socials to support his wife.

Sophie has also taken her socials to promote and support her husband. During the release of their first single for the album, Sucker, Turner provided fans lots of backstage access as she posted photos and videos from the set. She was able to even be apart of this epic comeback as she and the rest of the Jonas sisters starred in the music video!


2. They troll the paparazzi

It’s no secret that both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are massive goofballs. Putting the two of them together well…to put it simply, hilarity ensues.

As the two are constantly hounded by paparazzi, the couple decided to make light of the otherwise invasive situation. They decided to actually pose for them! The results – a handful of cute, hilarious photos.

3. They both hilariously post about each other

Photo courtesy of: sophiet | Instagram / Yahoo!

The sense of humor that this couple possess is out of this wold. When the two aren’t posing loving photos of their time together, they are uploading hilarious, joke-filled posts for each other.

Upon the release of ‘Sucker’, Turner had posted a photo of her in a Jonas Brothers-themed room and cuddled up with a poster of her favourite brother.

Jonas had also showed his love towards his wife in a hilarious Instagram post. Before the 2019 BBMA’s, Jonas uploaded a video of himself sitting next to Turner’s placement card and was spitting some serious game. He can be heard saying, “So uh, where you from? Sweet, yeah, I love the U.K. It’s so beautiful.”


As Turner stars as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, Jonas found it appropriate to celebrate the character and the show. He dressed up as Turner’s character, red hair, royal walk and all.


When asked about the video, she said “I actually picked out the costume for him and did his hair. Doesn’t he look gorgeous?”

4. Sophie was vital to the Jonas Brothers reunion

The breakup of the Jonas Brothers in 2013 was a rough time for everybody, especially the brothers. The ultimate reunion of them was years in the making, and was captured for the documentary Chasing Happiness.

Jonas actually gives credit to Turner for playing a role in the reconciliation. He told Access, “[Sophie] never really lived through the years of me doing this with the brothers and she obviously saw a lot of DNCE, so it was really helpful to get her take on it and also her support. I see her amazing relationship she has with her brothers and that’s really encouraging.”

In the documentary, during a moment where the brother’s are answering questions about their time together and their ultimate break-up Jonas opens up about the resentment towards their older brother, Kevin. Joe says it came from a place that lacked understanding as the band was priority to himself and to see Kevin prioritize Danielle (his wife) and their family was hard for him. After meeting Sophie, he was able to understand his brother saying “I would do anything to see Sophie for an hour”.


5. They got married in Vegas!

On May 1, the Jonas Brothers performed on the BBMA’s following the release of their hit ‘Sucker’. However, that wasn’t the only important event happening that night.

After the BBMA’s finished, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got hitched in Vegas! It was a star studded ceremony complete with an Elvis impersonator and Diplo livestreaming the event.

While the event caught everyone off guard, including Jonas’ parents, the two do plan to have a second ceremony. The date for it is not confirmed but said to be taking place in Paris, France.

We wish nothing but the best for this power couple!

The Jonas Brothers are about to embark on their Happiness Begins tour. Sophie Turner is currently promoting her newest film, X-Men: Dark Pheonix.

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