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Was Kevin Jonas Ready to Be A Dad?

Posted on June 14, 2019

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Follow Kevin Jonas: Twitter | Instagram

Kevin Jonas has been married to his wife Danielle for nearly 10 years now. In that decade, the couple brought two little girls into the world. Alena Rose Jonas was born in 2014 and is now 5 years old. Alena’s younger sister Valentina Angelina Jonas was born in 2016 and is now 2 years old.

Happy Father’s Day to Kevin Jonas!

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Life as a parent hasn’t been the easiest venture for the Jonas Brother who has toured the world multiple times and starred in three of his own television shows. In an interview with Oprah, Where Are They Now ― Extra, Kevin Jonas sat down with his wife Danielle to discuss the unspoken obstacles that come with being a father.

Photo courtesy of: kevinjonas | Instagram

“Don’t be surprised if you don’t connect as a father right away. That’s the one thing… No one ever talked to me about it,”

Kevin Jonas on Oprah’s Where Are They Now — Extra

Kevin Jonas opened up about something that isn’t normally discussed: the expectations of being a perfect father. Father-to-be’s are often subjected to the world of social media, identical to the way mother-to-be’s are. Unsurprisingly, social media is flooded with blissful parenting moments and perfect photographs that can create an unrealistic parenting experience.

Kevin was extremely candid about the fact that he didn’t connect as a father right away, though the obstacle didn’t last forever. Kevin was able to get into the ‘parenting groove’ and eventually found the connection he needed with his daughters. As of right now, it is no secret that Kevin Jonas is one of the sweetest, hardworking fathers and husbands out there!

Photo courtesy of: kevinjonas | Instagram

Here are a few of our favourite Daddy Kevin moments:






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