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The Beaches Opened Up for The Rolling Stones

Posted on July 02, 2019

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This Canada Day long weekend was a special one for Toronto-based rock band, The Beaches. The girls had the opportunity to open up for rock legends, The Rolling Stones, for their June 29th concert at the Burl’s Creek Event Grounds.

The band consists of four members – Jordan Miller, Kylie Miller, Leandra Earl, and Eliza Enman-McDaniel.

Photo courtesy of: thebeachesband | Instagram

The band was first announced they were opening up for the iconic band back in May, and have been on a rollercoaster ever since. Guitarist Kylie had told CTV News Toronto:

“[The Rolling Stones] are some of our heroes, some of our parents’ musical heroes, so to be on the same bill is like an absolute dream come true for us — couldn’t be more grateful.”

Photo courtesy of: thebeachesband | Instagram

Ahead of their performance, the Beaches were featured in a Toronto Star article, highlighting this milestone of a performance for a group that has just broke into their 20s.

The girls documented the whole experience on their social media. They wrote on their Instagram:

Last night will truly be a night we remember for the rest of our lives. We got to share the stage with the greatest rock band of all time.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
@therollingstones for allowing us to rock out with you & for being so unbelievably kind to us. 
@mickjagger double-cheek kissed us & commented on watching Kylie & I play guitar while I FLOSSED with @ronniewood.
What a dream come true, we’re retiring now – goodbye.

@thebeachesband | Instagram

Everyone was out to support the Beaches, especially their number one supporters – their dads!

The Beaches’ have recently released their EP, The Professional, which features the single ‘Snake Tongue‘. The girl’s rock background is mixed with modern day feminism which results in empowering, kick-ass songs. Keyboardist Leanna Earl says it best: “Girls can rock just as hard as the boys. We’re there to put on a rock show.”

Photo courtesy of: jumper | IG

Congratulations to the Beaches for having a well-deserved dream come true!