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#FAOTM: October x Niall Horan

Posted on October 04, 2019

Niall Horan x @niallhoranbaes

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Follow niallhoranbaes: Instagram

‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on Umusic!

At Umusic, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication, and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at Umusic has admired for a long while. For this reason, Umusic has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our Umusic community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members, and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

Update account: A fan-run social media source for fan accounts. An update account serves as the main source of updates on a specific artist. An update account will gather all media, promotional items, and information on an artist and share the information with other fans. Think of update accounts as a constantly updated Wikipedia for fans. This series will also focus on update accounts, which are simply larger fan accounts.

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Photo courtesy of: niallhoran | IG

October’s fan account of the month features a Niall Horan fan account: @niallhoranbaes! The account is run by Abby, a fan of Niall from the US who loved Niall through his One Direction years and loves him even more now. This Niall fan specializes in all things Niall, supporting his career and providing fans with the ultimate Horan image gallery.

The team at Umusic asked Abby questions pertaining to Niall Horan, Niall’s newly released track ‘Nice To Meet Ya‘, and fan culture. Below are a collection of her answers:

Why are you a fan of Niall?

I love his voice a lot. I’ve been a fan of him since 2015, when he was in One Direction. I always tell people that I love the way he thinks – his ideas blow my mind. I think he’s so witty. His wit is one of his qualities that made me like him all the more. On top of all of that, his voice is amazing. During his 1D days, I would listen to a One Direction song and wait for his solo to happen.

Has Niall interacted with your account?

Sadly, no. However, his band, friends stalked my account. Having him notice the account isn’t a priority, though. It’s all about supporting him!

Photo courtesy of: Christian Tierney

Have you ever participated in Niall fan projects?

I have never started my own fan project, but a lot of fans reach out to ask me to promote their fan projects. I have no problem spreading the word, because these fan projects are so impactful! During Niall’s Flicker World Tour, there were multiple fan projects that I helped push.

Do you have a favourite Niall moment?

I saw him perform at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre (Colorado, USA) on August 20, 2018. It was the venue he was looking most forward to perform to during Flicker World Tour. It was my first time seeing him live and I had access to soundcheck. The first song he rehearsed was my favorite song from his album: ‘You and Me’. Witnessing him sing that song to us from his favorite venue is so memorable. 

Photo courtesy of: Christian Tierney

Niall mentioned that he brought a lot of cameras for his team to use during the show so he could record the experience. Watching the show at home afterwards was a big priority for him. It was so special to share that experience with him!

Photo courtesy of: Christian Tierney

Your Instagram is the ultimate Niall Horan gallery. Do you have a favourite photo of Niall?

This is my new favourite Niall photo and I love it so much. He just looks charming. This photo is also from promo for his new single: ‘Nice To Meet Ya’.

Photo courtesy of: Niall Horan | Twitter

What makes Niall different from other pop stars in the world right now?

Niall is an Irish singer-songwriter who is capable of making radio hits and tracks that don’t sound like anything else out there right now. His love for music is unmatched and so unique. He has fans that range from teen years to elder years, proving how universal and lovely his sound is.

If you could say one thing to Niall, what would you say?

I would love to let him know that I love him and assure that he’s aware of how happy he makes me. Niall, you inspire me a lot and I am so appreciative of all that you do for your fans. We love you!

Are there any other Niall accounts you recommend?

There are a lot of Niall fan and update accounts but I recommend NJHNEWS2. They are the main source for myself and Niall fans when it comes to staying updated on Niall!D

The Umusic team would like to thank Abby, NJHNEWS, and all of the Niall Horan fans for the hard work they put into their accounts. Your passion, sweet tweets, and promotional efforts do not go unnoticed.

Keep checking our social media for the fan account of November!

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