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New Music Friday: Sam Smith, Johnny Orlando, Liam Payne, and more

Posted on April 17, 2020

Times are tough but we are definitely thankful for every single artist, and especially these ones today for helping us get by. New Music Friday is definitely a blessing but we know how much time you have on your hands, and for that, of course, we have you covered. Be sure to check out the playlist below for 387 minutes of feel-good sing-alongs.

“I’m Ready” by Sam Smith feat. Demi Lovato

Instagram live is seeming like a staple in our everyday lives right about now and Sam and Demi confirmed that when they announced this single via IG live. An emotive and bold piece of pop perfection is what they delivered. Behind this powerful anthem comes a declaration from Sam and Demi both, they are ready to be loved and take on everything that comes along with it. The music video shows an abundance of pure strength and determination and will most definitely trigger any ambition you might have resting deep inside of you.

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“See You” by Johnny Orlando

Unveiling his brand new single See You, subsequently meant climbing the YouTube trending charts to #15 with his ground-breaking virtual music video. The video was created entirely over Zoom, the video chat service that is quickly rising in popularity during these times. The video was directed by Alex P. Smith and produced by Kyla Mah and Miya Ugursoy (Universal Music Canada, Toronto), three rule breakers who created a piece of pure innovation. Johnny finds himself stuck in quarantine with virtual visits from friends, fellow influencers, and musicians such as Kenzie, Noah Schnapp, and Asher Angel. The single evokes those teenage feels you have about someone you miss, whether it’s after a break-up or a simple longing for their presence. The song wasn’t planned to release during a time of social distancing but most definitely hits home as we are missing our friends, family, and neighbours so deeply.

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“love is not dying” by Jeremy Zucker

With hopes to give us some comfort at home Jeremy has released his first debut album, love is not dying. It is a personal piece of work that he is ever so proud of. The New Jersey native uses his music to express himself to those around him when his words aren’t enough. He hopes fans will listen to these personal messages and feel less alone. The album is one big ballad of honesty, emotion, and real-life experience and we’re here for that.

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“Midnight” by Alesso feat. Liam Payne

Alesso’s grand production and Liam’s dynamic vocals come together on a track that is sure to get you up and dancing. The duo went even one step further for us and created an intimate music video shot from Alesso’s Los Angeles studio and Liam’s London rooftop, reassuring us that we are all truly together at home.

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“Don’t Call Me” by ASHS

An unapologetic anthem to all exes and a message of empowerment to those who have been haunted by a past relationship. ASHS’ writing experience for Don’t Call Me was therapeutic and confidence-boosting. It’s a bold statement accompanied by an even bolder, vengeful video.

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“Where I’m From” by The Reklaws

Focused on their childhood and abundance of time spent with friends, family, and neighbours comes the brother-sister duo’s newest single, Where I’m From. During this period of social distancing, The Reklaws have anchored down back at home. Connecting with family and appreciating the little things, kind of like their childhood days. They can’t wait to bring this tune to ‘wherever you’re from’ but in the meantime, you can catch them on Canada Together: In Concert on April 22nd at 7:30 pm EST on Global TV in support of Canada’s COVID19 relief efforts.

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We hope you’re keeping well, staying safe, getting crafty, and learning all the TikTok dances possible. We hope these jams get your weekend started off right and would love to chat about everything else you’re listening to right now, tweet us here! Lots of love from the entire UMUSIC fam.