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New Music Friday: Katy Perry, The Jonas Brothers, Tory Lanez, and more

Posted on May 15, 2020

Confused about what day it is? We don’t blame you! But it is in fact Friday, which means we’re sharing the best new music to get your weekend started. Today’s roster includes NINE new projects (because we’re so generous), and we couldn’t be more excited. Keep scrolling to get the latest Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers, Migos and more!

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“X” and “5 More Minutes” by The Jonas Brothers

X” is the latest single from the JoBros. The track features Latin sensation, KAROL G, and it may just be the bilingual mashup of the summer. Some keen fans might have heard a snippet of the song in their “Happiness Continues” concert doc, but “X” is finally having a proper debut and is available now!

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be glad to hear that The Jonas Brothers have dropped an additional single titled, “5 More Minutes” because they love spoiling their fans. You can listen to that here

Head over to Instagram to catch one of their live streams where the brothers will be hanging out with fans and playing music.

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“To Tell The Truth I Can’t Believe We Got This Far” (Live EP)  by Lewis Capaldi

This EP includes 6 of Capaldi’s favourite live performances from the last 12 months in honour of his album’s 1-year anniversary. We adored these songs before, but we’ll be falling in love with the live recordings all over again. Listen to “To Tell The Truth I Can’t Believe We Got This Far” (Live EP) here!

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“Daisies” by Katy Perry

Perry has had a miraculous career spanning over a decade and is offering listeners some motherly advice (before her due date) on her latest single, “Daisies”. Katy brings us an important message, reminding us to believe in your inner magic and potential, even if nobody else does. The resilient and inventive artist spent hours surprising fans on Zoom who were having listening parties, and chatted all things “KP5”, quarantine life, and self-love! Listen to “Daisies” here, and watch the ethereal music video here.


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“Racks 2 Skinny” by Migos

Racks 2 Skinny” is track number 1 from the Migo Monday project, and it’s definitely setting the tone for a great collection of work. The video, released earlier this week, is already doing numbers. The song and visuals present lavish lifestyles that are opulent, and of course, bougie. Check them out for some vicarious living, and listen to “Racks 2 Skinnyhere.

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 “Bitter” by FLETCHER

FLETCHER dropped her latest single, “Bitter” on Wednesday, and it’s already one of our favourites. This collaboration between producer/songwriter, Kito, and the New Jersey artist is quickly making waves, and rightfully so. Not only is this single a personal story about new and unrequited love, but it’s FLETCHER’s first song to hit the top 20 on iTunes (congrats queen)! In addition to providing us with a stellar track, the singer-songwriter also directed, produced and edited the music video which you can check out here!

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“Guys” by The 1975

Guys” will undoubtedly be the sweetest thing you’ve heard all week. It’s an open love letter expressing the nostalgia, admiration and adoration the members of The 1975 have for one another. It’s a beautifully dreamy tribute song that gives us all the feels and makes us want to check up on our own friends. Listen to Guyshere and prepare to smile, or cry, or do both!

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“Cake” by Loren Gray

Loren released her first song of the year and it did NOT disappoint. “Cake” is a bubbly new track about self-care, doing what you want, and being completely unapologetic. The social media enigma/artist teamed up with The Wavys for production, and the video (filmed during quarantine) features some of your favourite influencers. Check out this new girls night anthem here!

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“Right Now” (EP) by MALACHI

It’s been a long time coming, but “Right Now(EP) is finally here and will easily be a staple in any R&B enthusiasts catalogue. Expect velvety vocals and pure artistry from the Toronto-based singer. MALACHI has outdone himself on this EP, and we’d suggest familiarizing yourself with this rising star so you can say you knew him when. Listen to “Right Now” (EP) right now!

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 “Temperature Rising” by Tory Lanez

First thing’s first, we have to thank the King of Quarantine for keeping us entertained during these trying times, but today we’re celebrating Tory on his latest single, “Temperature Rising”.  This R&B track embodies the heat and passion of summer in Toronto and Tory’s signature runs and raspy tone make the song what it is. Listen to Temperature Rising” here!

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Here’s hoping we could add a little joy and a lot of music to your daily routine. Thanks for stopping by, and stay in touch!