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New Music Friday: Gaga, 6LACK, Ryland James, and more

Posted on May 29, 2020

We can all agree that it’s been a long and tiring week. When things seem bleak, it’s important to find comfort and joy by any means possible. For us, music is one of the best ways to escape the chaos and uncertainty riddled in our lives, and we hope our weekly roundups of new music can provide you with a little getaway. This week we’ve included Gaga’s highly anticipated album, Chromatica, Lil Yachty’s most fun project to date, and a heartwarming ballad from Canada’s sweetheart, Ryland James. For even easier access to some of our favourite songs right now, go here.

Chromatica Lady Gaga

Chromatica has arrived, and we’re ready to dance. This is Gaga’s sixth studio album, and possibly the most anticipated one of 2020 thus far. Yesterday’s surprise drop of “Sour Candy” garnered millions of tweets in just a few hours. This project feels like a love letter to the OG Little Monsters and provides a beautiful blend of emotion and energy. Chromatica is basically the big sister of Just Dance.  It’s a tribute to electronica, with a bit more refinement, and some superstar features all weaved into a 16-track project.

Listen to Chromatica here.



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“Tell Me U Luv Me” Juice WRLD ft. Trippie Redd

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of the late Juice WRLD with the release of his second posthumous single, “Tell Me U Luv Me“. The track (that features vocals from Trippie Redd) candidly talks about Juice WRLD’s desire for love and some of his more ominous vices. The emotional subject matter is complemented by groovier guitar riffs, making for an enjoyable listen. This marks another collab for the duo who were close before Juice WRLD’s untimely passing. Rest in peace Juice WRLD. 

Listen to “Tell Me U Luv Me” here.

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“Better Off” Ryland James

The powerhouse vocalist showcases a more vulnerable side on his most personal project to date. “Better Off” is an emotional ballad about self-love, and this song feels like drinking a warm cup of tea after a long day. If you aren’t familiar with the Ontario-singer’s recent sound, picture Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour meets Justin Bieber’s Purpose album. It’s a real soulful song clearly influenced by his gospel-influenced upbringing. 

Listen to “Better Off” here.

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Lil Boat 3 Lil Yachty

It seems like just yesterday we were hearing Lil Yachty’s verses on “Broccoli” at every BBQ and house party (we miss you summer ’16). But fast forward 4 years, and “Broccoli” is just one of the hits in Yachty’s catalogue.  Lil Boat 3 is Yachty’s fourth studio album and the final installment in the Lil Boat series. With 19 tracks and features from some of the biggest names in hip hop (like Drake, Mike WiLL Made-It, and Da Baby), LB3 is bound to make waves. 

Listen to Lil Boat 3 here.


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Wild World Kip Moore

Wild World, the fourth studio album from Kip Moore is available now. Of the 13 songs included in the project, the multi-platinum country singer-songwriter co-wrote 12. Before the global shutdown, Moore was headlining international tours but has managed to keep fans entertained via live stream performances throughout quarantine. Moore hopes that the release of his album will aid in bringing people some comfort and joy, and based on our first run-through of the project, that sentiment is more than likely. Moore manages to bundle up universal experiences and personal anecdotes into catchy packages that anyone can enjoy. 

Listen to Wild World here.

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What If (I Told You I Like You) Johnny Orlando, Kenzie

Singer-songwriter and pop artist Johnny Orlando dropped a bundle of goodness for his fans – a 3 pack of his hit songs: “See You”, “Phobias”, and “What If (I Told You I Like You)“. The 3 pack is a treat amongst “What If” seeing a second wave of TikTok success with over 100,000 creations each day. While “What If” is currently the TikTok star, Orlando’s single “See You” is his most recent drop. “See You” was co-written by acclaimed songwriters Geoff Warburton (Shawn Mendes, renforshort, Chase Rice), Sam Fischer (Demi Lovato, Keith Urban Jessie J), Derik Baker (Virginia to Vegas) and Mike Wise (Allie X, bülow, Dvbbs), who also produced the track in collaboration with Orlando this past January.

Listen to all 3 songs in the What If (I Told You I Like You) 3 pack here.

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“Dominican Mami” DaniLeigh ft. Fivio Foreign

A few of Dani’s fans heard a snippet of the song a couple of months back during a live stream (and by a few, we mean 35,000 people). However, the entire song dropped at midnight and we’re betting it’ll be viral in no time. The UK artist paired up with Brooklyn rapper Fivio Foreign to capture the sound of Drill (a grittier, trap-inspired rap genre popular in the UK and Chicago). It’s a completely different vibe from her hit “Easy”, where she showcases a light and more delicate voice, but we’re all for Dani’s raw sound and bilingual verses. 

Listen to “Dominican Mami” here.

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“Howlin’ Back Again” (Acoustic) Crown Lands

Howlin’ Back Again” is the experimental acoustic follow up to their hit “Howlin’ Back”. It’s also the first single from Crown Lands’ forthcoming EP, Wayward Flyers Vol.1. “Howlin’ Back Again” is a song that feels like it should be in the soundtrack of an epic adventure film. It has an eerie feel, and the haunting falsettos and guitar combination makes for a sound that’s both electric and eclectic despite being acoustic. 

Listen to “Howlin’ Back Again” here.

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“ATL Freestyle” 6LACK

After a *brief* hiatus, 6LACK is back. Despite hopping on remixes and features, this is 6LACK’s first solo single in nearly two years, and fans are here for it. Based in Atlanta, the Grammy-nominated artist included his laidback style and signature penmanship in the track that references his city. Along with the drop of this single, 6LACK revamped his website with a mysterious new feel hinting at some more new music and an unreleased album. Whatever it is, we can’t wait, and we’ll be constantly refreshing the page until more details arise. 

Listen to “ATL Freestyle” here.

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