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73 Questions with the UMUSIC Interns

Posted on July 30, 2020

We’re celebrating #NationalInternDay (yes, that’s a real thing, and yes we’re ecstatic about it). We’ve put together a fun Q+A so you can familiarize yourself with the newest UMUSIC interns! Also check out this intern-approved playlist while you’re here.

*If you’d like to apply to be a UMUSIC Canada intern, please consult your program’s director for more info!


Pronouns: she/her | @maya.n.marcus

Role at UMUSIC: I am the Promotions Intern at Universal Music Canada. I assist the Promo department with servicing music, highlighting new artists and much more!

What’s the best/most rewarding part: In this role, I feel as though I am trusted with valuable content and important tasks. This is very rewarding because it teaches me to be more efficient in my work, and pay closer attention to the fine details of any task I have to complete. 

What’s the most unexpected thing: The support! I feel as though my supervisors are with me every step of the way, and have truly set me up for success. I always feel trusted by them, and I am never hesitant to ask for help when I need it.

What’s on your current WFH playlist:
My top 3 WFH tracks right now (they change everyday):

  • “Need You” by Emanuel
  • “Get Me” Justin Bieber ft. Kehlani 
  • “The Garden” by July Talk

Any advice for future applicants: Never doubt your ability. If you know you’re hard working and you go in with that mindset, nothing can stand between you and the positions you know you deserve.

“I can’t leave the house without…”: An outfit I love (and a mask of course).

Favourite song lyric: “I’m a little bit different, they get it” – from “BOP” by Da Baby  


Pronouns: he/him | @abdullahmhasan

Role at UMUSIC: I’m a Digital Marketing Intern. My role involves supporting the Digital Strategy department, namely the Digital Marketing and Streaming teams. I’m responsible for facilitating the creation of assets, and updating weekly reports pertaining to playlist performances among other things.

What’s the best/most rewarding part: So far it’s been the people that I’ve been able to connect with. The culture at UMC is incredible. Everyone’s been so kind and welcoming that it’s felt as though I’ve been working here my whole life. The fact that I’m one of the first people to know when an artist is putting out new music isn’t too shabby either.

What’s the most unexpected thing: Probably how much I’ve enjoyed the role. People always say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, and honestly, that’s what it feels like right now. What a time to be alive!

What’s on your current WFH playlist: My playlist is all over the place.

  • X” by the Jonas Brother ft. Karol G has been stuck in my head for weeks
  • I have “Rockstar” by DaBaby, found that one from a TikTok dance trend
  • I have the “In Your Eyes” Remix by The Weeknd & Doja Cat
  • Close” by Jade Eagleson is another favourite of mine right now

Any advice for future applicants: Work hard. Stay positive. Be kind.

What’s your favourite way to relax after work: It’s a toss-up between playing basketball or playing guitar. I’m equally bad at both but that’s showbiz baby.

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no: No no no absolutely not.


Pronouns: she/her | @tianavictoria

Role at UMUSIC: I’m the interactive marketing intern, which basically means writing the web articles (like the one you’re currently reading) and making memes and posts for social media. My job revolves around curation and creation for the online space and keeping fans connected to artists.

What’s the best/most rewarding part: It’s great getting to incorporate my personal interests into the job (i.e., creating content about social justice, astrology and Rihanna ofc)!

What’s the most unexpected thing: As a student, you think your internship is going to be menial coffee runs and photocopying jobs, but everything’s super hands-on, and I get to be involved in huge projects.

Any advice for future applicants: Let your passion lead the way.

Name 3 Skills needed for the position: Adaptability, Time Management, & Trend Forecasting.

What’s on your current WFH playlist: I’ve been starting my morning’s off with:

  • James Blake <3
  • Rihanna’s Anti
  • and Jhené Aiko’s latest album, Chilombo

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done: Skydiving over the Niagara region for my 20th birthday!

What’s your favourite word: Serendipity, which means, “a fortunate accident”.


Pronouns: she/her | @libbysutherland

Role at UMUSIC: I’m interning with the Accounts, Business & Talent Acquisition at SHED Creative Agency – finding and matching talent with brands who are interested in a music program or partnership.

What’s the best/most rewarding part: The opportunity to find so many new and talented artists and the ability to help them get exposure.

What’s the most unexpected thing: Having to download TikTok “for work”.

What’s on your current WFH playlist: Whatever new artists I’m checking out that day.

Any advice for future applicants: Don’t be afraid to get nerdy on the job or during your interview. If you find a place where you can nerd out with people over the things that you like or find interesting then you’re in the right place.

What’s your favourite time of day: Sunrise (when I see it).

Name an artist you’d love to swap wardrobes with: Danielle Haim.


Pronouns: he/him | @trent_hurst

Role at UMUSIC: I’m the Catalogue Marketing Intern. Which means: catalogue research, compiling information for weekly sales sheets, contributing to store ads for, etc.

What’s the best/most rewarding part: Hearing about/working on campaigns and marketing initiatives for some of my favorite artists (Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, etc.).

What’s the most unexpected thing: The most unexpected thing is not being able to physically go into the office and meet the team (obviously unexpected for everyone, but definitely the biggest thing).

What’s on your current WFH playlist:

  • Tame Impala
  • Drake
  • The Weeknd
  • Emanuel’s new EP

Any advice for future applicants: Put yourself out there! Reach out to people and don’t be afraid to ask for help/guidance. Also don’t be afraid to speak up… many of the full-time employees want to hear your ideas and opinions in various situations.

What’s Drake’s best project: I’d say Take Care, but Nothing Was the Same and If You’re Reading This… follow very closely behind.

What’s the best meal you can make: Definitely my grandma’s special chili, I got the recipe down at a young age.


Pronouns: she/her | @taylorstipancic

Role at UMUSIC: Graphic design. I’m in charge of making playlist covers, social media banners, the classic rock newsletter, and whatever else comes my way!

What’s the best/most rewarding part: Honestly everything—this position is a dream come true that I’ve been manifesting since I first discovered the show Abstract on Netflix years back! (It was the Paula Scher & Es Devlin episodes that gave me my career epiphany).

What’s the most unexpected thing: The ‘flow’ of the department—I didn’t expect it to be so chill (was expecting a more fast paced environment)! My workload varies per day but working through COVID & being in the midst of the anti-racism protests is very interesting in terms of how interconnected the music industry is to global events and its effects.

What’s on your current WFH playlist: A lot of smooth, light tunes to glide me through the day. I’m pretty into VALLEY (they’re from my hometown!), Tash Sultana, Tame Impala…Khruangbin just dropped an album so that’s definitely going to be on repeat for the rest of my summer!

Any advice for future applicants: It’s all about the portfolio!!! Your portfolio is your own personal advertisement for your work—be sure that you stay true to yourself and express who you are, your style, and anything about your artistry that reflects you and what you’re passionate about!

List 3 skills you need for the position: Adobe CC (photoshop, illustrator), collaboration, and most importantly….creativity!!!

Name a secret talent of yours: Musical impressions. Name an artist and I can sing just like them—Bob Dylan, Bowie, Axl Rose, Marina Diamandis, Morrissey, Danielle Haim…I can go on haha.

What’s your favourite scent: Sandalwood!


Pronouns: he/him | @kinportfolio

Role at UMUSIC: I’m in the Talent & Business Development & Account Services @ Shed Creative Agency, which includes approaching/working with businesses to see if they are interested in doing a Music-Partnership.

What’s the best/most rewarding part: Being able to approach local artists and talk about their work. Being able to potentially help them find more connections and perhaps collaborations.

What’s the most unexpected thing: The whole working from home and the quarantine experience definitely pivoted the internship in many ways. It was interesting to see how the live entertainment industry is quickly adapting to the “new normal”. Lots of Zoom parties/meetings for sure.

What’s on your current WFH playlist: Been really into songs that are or are influenced by the funk/disco/80’s sounds recently. Lots of Tom Misch, Dua Lipa, Disclosure, The Weeknd, and a few Gaga tracks.

Any advice for future applicants: Speak about your passion and interests. Find a way to intertwine your interests and experience to your work or tasks so it’s intrinsically motivating. People can see (and sometimes even appreciate) the passion in your work.

Name a guilty pleasure of yours: Random cravings of Animal Crackers with milk.

What’s your favorite holiday: Songkran – Thai New Year. Everybody gets on the streets with a water gun to have a country-wide water fight! Water festivals, Concert/Rave with a foam-party pit at night are amazing!


Pronouns: she/her | @kianahdames

Role at UMUSIC: I’m a marketing intern and my role consists of scheduling new releases, monitoring the performance of new releases, working on UMC contests, and putting together marketing materials for different artist projects!

What’s the best/most rewarding part: Having access to a lot of exciting information & contributing to fan experiences with their favourite artists and UMC!

What’s the most unexpected thing: How strategic streaming playlists are – for every track on the “rap caviar” playlist there’s a team behind it who pitched for that!

What’s on your current WFH playlist:

  • Need You” by Emanuel
  • If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” by The 1975
  • Softly” by Clairo
  • idontwannabeyouanymore” by Billie Eilish (classique)

Any advice for future applicants: Be honest about your love for the industry! You don’t need to have experience to work here, just a willingness to learn and a genuine love and/or interest for the work we do here.

Name 3 skills you need for the role: Technical capabilities, attention to detail, and creativity.

What’s been the best part of 2020 for you: Working for UMC – it’s always been my dream!

What would be the title of your autobiography: ‘Life In Pieces’ – commentary on our continuous need for fulfillment and instant satisfaction, when the best parts of life are always the little pieces of it that make it whole.


Pronouns: he/him | @martnello_

Role at UMUSIC: I’m the Label Partnerships Intern – My role consists of helping the label partner team manage workflow, especially on release days, keep critical documents up to date and to basically help the team wherever else needed.

What’s the best/most rewarding part: The most rewarding part about this role is being a part of a great team and contributing to make their lives easier. Another great thing is the chance to work with so many different, independent labels with a huge variety of different music genres.

What’s the most unexpected thing: There are a lot of unexpected things about this role that I could list but really nothing major jumps out. I think as an intern, you should expect that there will be lots of things you don’t expect.  

What’s on your current WFH playlist: Since starting to work here, I have been introduced to A LOT of new music and some of it has definitely ended up on my Work from Home Playlist, to name a few:

  • Bounce Haus” by KANDY
  • What Ya Want” by Cloonee
  • Flabbergast EP by CHOMPPA

Any advice for future applicants: Ask lots of questions, get involved in everything that you can, the time flies by really quick!

First concert you went to: Akon, Wyclef Jean & Sean Paul at the Molson Amphitheater!

Name something you can’t do very well: Spelling…If it weren’t for auto correct and spell check, my life would be very different.


Pronouns: she/her | @elliedoedemosse

Role at UMUSIC: Communications Intern – I assist with Daily Press, Press Releases, Linkfire creations, Media Pitching, and pretty much anything Public Relations/Communications related.

What’s the best/most rewarding: Learning the communications side of the music industry and just learning about the industry in general. Also, being a part of such a welcoming team and being able to assist on pretty awesome projects.

What’s the most unexpected thing: Crisis communications for sure.

What’s on your current WFH playlist:

  • Ariana Grande (especially “Break Your Heart Right Back”)
  • Lorde
  • Jessie Reyez
  • D’angelo
  • Halsey

Any advice for future applicants: Be yourself authentically and unapologetically… and network!

Describe yourself using a hashtag: #SOTD or #wanderlust

What’s your go-to coffee order: Because the other half of my double life is being a Starbucks barista, it’s a: Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew w/ light ice, extra sweet cream, 3 pumps vanilla, 3 pumps white mocha. Trust me, it tastes so much better than that drink on Tik Tok.

Hope you enjoyed meeting (a fraction) of the team, and who knows.. maybe you’ll become the next UMUSIC intern. Don’t forget to check out our insta for more fun content and all things music. See you soon!