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New Music Friday: Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Keith Urban and more!

Posted on September 18, 2020

You thought you’d get a break of heavy hitters after last week’s releases? Think again. Today we want to share with you a lot of exciting new tracks and three new albums (yes, three!)

After you’ve listened to all these new releases, you can listen to them again alongside other amazing songs in this playlist.

Justin Bieber – Holy ft. Chance the Rapper

It’s been a while since we had new Bieber music. After the release of “Changes” back in February, this latest work with Chance The Rapper marks the beginning of a new era in Bieber history.

“Holy” takes us deeper into this new Justin Bieber era and we cannot wait to see where this path takes the Canadian superstar. We’re so excited for the journey!

Listen to “Holy” here.

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Zach Zoya – In Da Way

Who’s excited for “Spectrum”? Because we are! Zach Zoya has been preparing us for his upcoming EP (out October 30th) with “Slurpee” and “Le Cap”, making his latest song, “In Da Way” – the most recent release to remind us that we don’t want to miss this huge EP drop.

Listen to “In Da Way” here.

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Sam Smith – Diamonds

A new solo Sam Smith song! After spending almost the entirety of 2020 releasing amazing collaborative music with a wide number of artists, “Diamonds” is their latest work, following the release of “To Die For” earlier this year.

But don’t let this latest song distract you from other exciting news about Sam Smith, as a release date for their new album, “Love Goes,” was announced on all socials alongside the drop of “Diamonds” earlier today. Save the date, “Love Goes” will release on October 30th this year!

Listen to “Diamonds” here.

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Valley – hiccup

After the release of “nevermind” back in July, the Toronto-based indie-pop band have some new music for us. “hiccup” is a reminder of why this band is a JUNO Award nominee. This song is just like the phenomenon it’s named after: you know when the first play is coming, but what happens after that? Time can only tell for how long you’re going to listen to it. We have been having hiccup(s) for a couple hours ourselves!

Listen to “hiccup” here.

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Keith Urban – The Speed of Now, Part 1

You know what’s so great about this album? The possibility of having a Part 2 someday! But let’s stop dreaming about the future and focus on the now. Keith Urban has been working on this project for a while, and it delivers quite a lot. There are amazing songs, unreal collaborations (hello, P!nk), bizarre visualizers and a live stream to premiere the album, which is happening TODAY. Do you need even more? Because this already is more than an album. This is The Speed of Now.

You can listen to “The Speed of Now, Part 1” here.

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Virginia To Vegas – Palm Springs (The Way You Make Me Feel)

Virginia to Vegas is clearly in a constant state of outdoing himself, and he prepared “Palm Springs (the way you make me feel)” to show us that he is mastering his craft like no other. This song contains every single element of why we love this artist. This is the perfect song to end off summer, so make sure you add it to all of your backyard bonfire playlists!

Listen to “Palm Springs (the way you make me feel)” here.

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Moneybagg Yo – Code Red

In an uncertain year, one thing is certain: Moneybagg Yo delivers. This is his second album in 2020, and it’s a good one. Among all the stellar songs, “Said Sum” deserves a special place. Have you seen that lineup? You seriously need to listen to “Code Red” now.

Listen to “Code Red” here.

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Olivia O’Brien – Now

It’s impossible to dislike Olivia O’Brien’s music. The singer-songwriter attained massive success back in 2015 with “hate u love u” and since then it’s been non-stop for her. Releasing more music this year is undoubtedly not a mistake on her part and we are thankful for that. “Now” is yet another example of the multi-talented artist’s skills. And it comes with a great music video. Go listen and watch them now!

Listen to “Now” here.

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Lil Tecca – Virgo World

It’s Virgo season, and you know what that means: it’s finally time for “Virgo World”. He was here last week, but a guest of honor is a guest of honor: after the release of “Our Time”, the whole and highly anticipated album is finally here.

Anything else we could tell you about Lil Tecca at this point will only make you waste time you could be investing in “Virgo World”. For real.

Listen to “Virgo World” here.

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Lady Gaga – 911 Music Video

Chromatica” has been out for a while now, but Lady Gaga’s sixth and latest studio album is the gift that keeps on giving. Today, the video for “911” has been unveiled. Once again, this is a unique audiovisual journey that showcases what Lady Gaga is capable of. You’ve got the video up here, so don’t miss it!

Listen to “911” here.

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That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to let us know which of these new songs is your favorite on Instagram @Umusic!