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#FAOTM: September x Justin Bieber

Posted on September 21, 2020

Justin Bieber x Outlyning

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‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on UMUSIC!

At UMUSIC, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication, and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at UMUSIC has admired for a long while. For this reason, UMUSIC has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our UMUSIC community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members, and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

Update account: A fan-run social media source for fan accounts. An update account serves as the main source of updates on a specific artist. An update account will gather all media, promotional items, and information on an artist and share the information with other fans. Think of update accounts as a constantly updated Wikipedia for fans. This series will also focus on update accounts, which are simply larger fan accounts.

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Image courtesy of justinbieber on Instagram

September’s fan account of the month features a Justin Bieber fan account: Outlyning! The account is run by a talented graphic designer that fell in love with Journals in 2014, shortly after it was released in 2013. Running Outlyning and creating Bieber-related works of art is one of the many ways this Justin Bieber fan is able to show her love, appreciation, and admiration for the “Holy” artist.

The team at UMUSIC asked Outlyning questions pertaining to Justin, his newest music, and fan culture. Below are a collection of her answers:

Why are you a fan of Justin?

There is no other artist out there that inspires me like he does. It’s hard to explain but listening to his music and his voice makes me feel a way I’ve never felt with any other artist. 

Justin inspires me in so many ways. As an artist he inspires me a lot to be creative (that’s how I started this account). As a person, he is always willing to become a better version of himself and that has always inspired me to do the same.

Image courtesy of justinbieber on Instagram

Can you describe your journey supporting Justin?

“All That Matters” featured on Journals

I started liking Justin after Journals came out. I’ve never really checked out his music before. I fell in love with Journals and then I started to check his old stuff and loved it too. After that I became interested in who he was as an artist and as a person; discovered more about him, his talent and his story, and that’s basically how I started to support him in 2014. 

Through the years I think my admiration towards him has turned from being more of a “fangirl” (I was 16 when I started supporting him) to admire and respect his work as an artist, his journey and the values he shares and represents as a person. 

Justin has been a huge influence for the better in my life ever since I started supporting him, and I think my life right now would be so different if I wasn’t a fan. I’ve traveled because of him, met people that nowadays are essential in my life, I started this account, and got into graphic design which is now my current job. 

How would you describe Justin Bieber fans and the wonderful community you’ve all built?

Image courtesy of ctvnews

I think loyal might be a word that describes us because most of us have been supporting him through thick, understanding that he is also human and makes mistakes. 

The best thing about being in the fandom is growing with Justin and meeting new people from around the world who you share interests with, people who understand you. I personally met my best friend and my girlfriend through this account, and I think that’s so amazing and something I’m always going to be grateful for; if I wasn’t on the fandom I probably would have never met them.

I think we’ve all made beautiful memories that we will always remember in the future even if we eventually stop being fans. 

Has Justin ever interacted with your account?

One time he liked a post of mine. He has reposted some edits on his story a few times as well. 


Which creation of yours is your favourite?

I feel like it changes overtime, because the more I improve, the more I see the flaws in my previous work. But right now my favourite is one that I made recently.


Do you have a favourite Justin collaboration?

I really like “Home To Mama” with Cody Simpson because he is also one of my favourite artists. It’s a really chill song, I love the lyrics and I have really good memories of when it came out, as it was in the same year I started supporting them both. 

I also love “Maria I’m Drunk” by Travis Scott, it was really good and different from the collaborations he had made before. It’s difficult to chose because I feel like Justin constantly goes out of his comfort zone and tries new genres but always adding his own touch to it. 

Do you have a favourite Justin moment?

I think my favourite moment had to be on the concert I attended on the Purpose Tour. He made a small speech about how each one of us is special and we were there for a reason and that we should appreciate every single day that we wake up because everyday is special. I really appreciated that he said that and also it was my first time seeing him which was already really special. 

In general, I really appreciated all the Purpose Tour speeches and that he took some time to talk to us and speak what’s on his mind, not only just go through the regular show. 

Image courtesy of Jetss

What makes Justin different from other artists in the world right now?

Image courtesy of justinbieber on Instagram

I think what makes Justin different is that he is really competitive and a perfectionist, which makes him want to put out the best music he can make at that moment and be the best at everything he does. 

Also as I mentioned before he is really versatile artist and he is not afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone, in the last years he’s been featured on really different songs, from country to edm, hip hop, r&b, pop, etc. 

If you could say one thing to Justin, what would you say?

Honestly I wouldn’t even know where to begin! I’ve always thought that if I ever meet Justin there isn’t any specific that I will say. My goal if I ever meet him is to have a normal conversation and talk about whatever feels natural in that moment. 

Are there any other Justin accounts you recommend?

My favourite Instagram accounts are: 

@justinbieberrsupport (they’re an update fan account from Brazil, but it’s easy to translate captions with the “translate” Instagram tool, so it’s not a problem). Their updates are always fast and they post only accurate information and high quality content. 

@issahoestin They post Justin candids from the last years in really high quality, I know they spend so much time looking for pictures and making sure they all look good, and you can tell and see all the hard work if you scroll through their page. 

@camsxdraws and @theawings are artists and they do drawings of multiple artists, included Justin. They’re not exactly a fan account, but their talent is unbelievable and they are lovely people.

The UMUSIC team would like to thank Outlyning and all of the Justin Bieber fans for the hard work they put into their accounts. Your dedication, creativity, and loyalty do not go unnoticed.


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