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New Music Friday: The Reklaws, Justin Bieber, The Vamps and more!

Posted on October 16, 2020

We should have long weekends more often – which would in return mean that we would get to New Music faster every time! This week a lot of projects that have been building up and finally got to their destination (release day!). Are you ready to discover all of them?

The Reklaws – Sophomore Slump

Image courtesy of @thereklaws on Instagram

The Reklaws are finally here with their second album, “Sophomore Slump”. In the follow-up to “Freshman Year”, Jenna and Stuart show their musical growth with a 12-track project that serves both as a recap of 2020 and as an omen of what we can expect from the siblings moving forward!

Listen to “Sophomore Slump” here.

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Justin Bieber – Lonely (with benny blanco)

Image courtesy of @justinbieber on Instagram

“Holy” is still a fresh track, but Justin Bieber is back with more music (we’re not complaining!). Despite the song being called “Lonely”, Justin is joined by benny blanco for yet another soft, emotional song and we love it. They said this was the beginning of a brand new era for Justin Bieber, and after two songs it looks like it’s going to be an emotional one.

Listen to “Lonely” here.

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The Vamps – Cherry Blossom

Image courtesy of @thevamps on Instagram

This one is not unexpected, but extremely welcome! How long has it been already? We’ve been listening to “Married in Vegas”, “Chemicals” and “Better” for a couple weeks now, and finally “Cherry Blossom”, the highly anticipated latest album from the British band is here! “Would You” miss the opportunity to listen to this? Because we didn’t!

Listen to “Cherry Blossom” here.

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Sam Roberts Band – All Of Us

Image courtesy of @samrobertsband on Instagram

The band led by Sam Roberts has just dropped their latest album, “All Of Us”, featuring music released during this year. This release joins Sam Roberts Band’s long discography, and we’re hoping it keeps getting even bigger over time. It’s been a while since we had a work of this size from the Montréal band, so let’s enjoy this new music for now!

Listen to “All Of Us” here.

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Renforshort – afterthoughts

Image courtesy of @renforshort on Instagram

It’s really easy to like renforshort and her music. She’s a reminder that good things in life come in small, humble doses. Pack this feeling with such a genuine and unique artist and you have a recipe for success. Her hard work is paying off, for her latest release, “afterthoughts”, is featured alongside heavy hitters like OneRepublic in the new Disney+ movie, CLOUDS.

Listen to “afterthoughts” here.

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Demi Lovato – Commander In Chief

Image courtesy of @ddlovato on Instagram

This year’s Billboard Music Awards served as the perfect stage for Demi Lovato to play her new song, released earlier this week. Written alongside stars such as Julia Michaels and producer FINNEAS, the song arrives just before the monumental United States election.

Listen to “Commander in Chief” here.

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Claire Rosinkranz – Backyard Boy (with Jeremy Zucker)

Image courtesy of @clairerosinkranz on Instagram

Originally appearing on her debut EP “BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd”, 16-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and ballerina Claire Rosinkranz brings back to life her track “Backyard Boy” alongside Jeremy Zucker for the remix treatment. A fun treat for our Friday afternoon!

Listen to “Backyard Boy (with Jeremy Zucker)” here.

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James Blake – Before

Image courtesy of @jamesblake on Instagram

James Blake has certainly not been idle this year since we already got a couple single releases a couple months ago, but having a full EP with four new tracks available since Thursday is certainly a gift we won’t refuse. The whole project, “Before”, is once again an example of Blake’s unique approach to the blend of subtle vocals with electronic elements, making a style that’s impossible not to recognize by now.

Listen to “Before” here.

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Zack Tabudlo – Cruel

Image courtesy of @zack.tabudlo on Instagram

Zack Tabudlo took a piece of his soul and transformed it into a song. He produced, mixed and mastered this release, not after writing the lyrics one night bawling his eyes out, for he is an artist known to sing about real experiences he lives. This song conveys a message of hope, not only if you’re going through a hard breakup, but for anything, particularly this difficult year. Life can be “Cruel”, but it sure is worth living. We want more artists like Zack!

Listen to “Cruel” here.

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That’s all from us this week! Don’t forget to swing by our Instagram at @Umusic to tell us about your favourite release! Want more music still? Don’t hesitate to check out this playlist!