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WAP: Women Are Powerful – a playlist created by our followers!

Posted on October 16, 2020

October is Women’s History Month in Canada, a time we dedicate to celebrate the lives and achievements of outstanding women. Here at UMUSIC, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate outstanding artists from across the globe.

We asked you to vote on your favourite songs from some of the most outstanding female artists of our generation, and the results are in! While we break them down, do not hesitate to listen to this playlist we’ve prepared for you:


Selena Gomez

Image courtesy of @selenagomez on Instagram

She needs no introduction and neither does her discography. When we look at Selena Gomez, variety is the name of the game: she sings, she acts, she produces and now owns a beauty line. The choices we gave for the poll were meant to reflect Selena’s multiple artistic variants.

“Lose You To Love Me”, featured on her latest album “Rare” (2020) was selected with your votes as Selena’s superior song! Noted rivals in second and third spot where her “Bad Liar”, considered one of her more unique songs, and the more dance-oriented “Wolves” with Marshmello.


Image courtesy of @blackpinkofficial on Instagram

The formation may be relatively young considering they began their journey as BLACKPINK back in 2016, but that won’t stop Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé from having songs big enough to have Blinks all around bickering about which one is the best.

“How You Like That”, featured in their brand new “BLACKPINK: THE ALBUM” (2020) was your choice for best song, but wait! “Lovesick Girls” and “Kill This Love” tied closely in second place. It must be hard to choose, right?


Image courtesy of @badgalriri on Instagram

She’s one of the big ones. We could spend hours talking (and writing) about Rihanna and all of her songs, collaborations, her achievements, her awards, her career and her entrepreneurial journeys. It would take us days to listen to her entire discography again from the beginning. However, among all of the little treasures she gave us in form of music, one happened to shine brighter than the rest: “Diamonds” was selected as her superior song by half of the users who took to the voting polls! 💎

Julia Michaels

Image courtesy of @juliamichaels on Instagram

Julia Michaels is probably one of the brightest stars right now and she’s clearly going to keep getting bigger and brighter with your support, for it’s evident that a lot of you music lovers adore her!

“Issues”, featured on her debut album “Nervous System” (2017) was voted by more than half of the users who voted in the survey to create this powerful playlist! We love Julia since day 1! By the way and as an Easter egg: “Lie Like This”, “17” and “Shouldn’t Have Said It” all tied in second place as your favourite songs!

Jessie Reyez

Image courtesy of @jessiereyez on Instagram

Jessie Reyez is a strong fighter with a unique voice – a voice used not only to speak out about pressing issues but to create the most mesmerizing vocal lines in all Toronto. Her song “Body Count (feat. Normani & Kehlani)”, featured in the album “Being Human in Public” (2018) was selected as your favourite Yessie song, adding to our WAP playlist that would not be as powerful without her around!

Ariana Grande

Image courtesy of @arianagrande on Instagram

This one’s tricky. Would the Ariana Grande song choice be the same if the survey was made one month from now? Would the list be any different? Because set the alarms, this is happening! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

To make it even spicier “7 Rings” and “thank u, next”, both featured in the 2019 named after the later, are tied as your favourite Ariana Grande song in the WAP Playlist!

Jhené Aiko

Image courtesy of @jheneaiko on Instagram

Jhené Aiko is one of the most prominent R&B artists of the decade, and your constant support of her and her music plays a prominent role in it. Your favourite song of hers is not even from her biggest and more recent album! The winner of the poll is “While We’re Young”, featured on her 2017 album “Trip”. This is proof that it’s you, the fans, and the communities you form around music what keeps these artists going, beyond time and trends.

Katy Perry

Image courtesy of @katyperry on Instagram

Katy Perry has a long career, countless hits, more than four albums under her name and now is a proud mom alongside Orlando Bloom! As one of the artists who marked a generation, picking between all of her songs must have been difficult (yes, it was for us as well!)

“The One That Got Away” has been selected as your favourite Katy Perry song, followed close by “Firework”, both from the “Teenage Dream” album (2010). Not quite the winner, but “Roar” has also seen a lot of love! Katy really has come a long way, hasn’t she?


Image courtesy of @celeste on Instagram

Few songs have seen as many iterations through time as “La vie en rose” has. Written in 1945 by Édith Piaf and interpreted by giants like Louis Armstrong or Lady Gaga on the movie A Star Is Born, it would take a voice as unique as Celeste’s to have another swing at the classic. And she delivered! If you haven’t guessed yet, “La vie en rose” is your favourite Celeste song! One of her latest releases, “Stop This Flame” is fair second!

Lady Gaga

Image courtesy of @ladygaga on Instagram

Lady Gaga is one of the most influential and unique women in the recording music industry ever. And she has the catalogue to back all those claims up. She’s one of those picks where having only five song options was a really hard choice for us, but apparently not for you!

Classics stay as such, and her almost legendary by now “Bad Romance” was your favourite song, beating by far other candidates from that same Lady Gaga era like “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”.

Demi Lovato

Image courtesy of @ddlovato on Instagram

Last but most certainly never least, here is Demi Lovato! She needs no introduction, does she? A major artist, a fighter, inspiration for millions and an advocate for mental health. All of these titles – well deserved! 👏👏👏

“Cool for the Summer” is according to you the superior Demi song, followed close by “Confident”, both featured on the 2015 album named after the later. Her latest song with Marshmello, “OK Not To Be OK” made the top three, which means that you are keeping up closely with what she does!

That’s all from us! Did your favourite song made the list? Which ones would you add to the playlist? And who is your favourite artist? Who should made next year’s WAP? So many questions! You have the answers, so swing by our Instagram at @Umusic and let us know what they are.