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New Music Friday: Ariana Grande, Zach Zoya, Sam Smith and many more!

Posted on October 30, 2020

We couldn’t be more excited for the new releases we are about to share with you all. Including Ariana Grande and Sam Smith finally releasing both their new albums, Zach Zoya with his long-awaited EP, and many more surprises!

Want even more new music? We got you covered. Check out our playlist here!

Ariana Grande – Positions

Photo credit: Dave Meyers

We have been listening non-stop to the latest single since last Friday waiting for this moment, but “Positions” is finally here! The album includes 14 tracks and has collaborations with Doja Cat, Ty Dolla $ign and none other than The Weeknd! This is Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album and probably one of the biggest releases of 2020! Just one year after “thank u, next”, will it live up to the expectations set by that one? (so far, absolutely)

Listen to “Positions” here.

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Zach Zoya – Spectrum

“Spectrum” EP artwork

Zach Zoya’s highly anticipated EP “Spectrum” is finally here! Including a recap of 2020 with the inclusion of “Slurpee”, “Le Cap” and “In Da Way”, this EP includes three new tracks that will no doubt shape the future of the Montréal artist, including our favourite of the whole project -his collaboration with Angel, “Patience”!

Listen to “Spectrum” here.

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Sam Smith – Love Goes

“Love Goes” album artwork.

After announcing the album mid-September and releasing “Diamonds”, the latest single to be included in it, Sam Smith has finally dropped “Love Goes” and we couldn’t be more excited and more proud of how far they have come. Sam has evolved a lot since “The Thrill Of It All” and this album is proof of it: 17 tracks divided in two discs, including both new tracks, released gems and outstanding collaborations we already love such as “My Oasis”, “I’m Ready” and “Promises”.

Listen to “Love Goes” here.

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MEDUZA – Paradise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)

MEDUZA press photo 2020

MEDUZA has been one of the most prominent electronic music groups of late. Since the massive success achieved by their debut single “Piece Of Your Heart”, the trio is on the rise. MEDUZA is set on leaving us stunned in front of the speakers with no other option than surrender to their enchanting music and “Paradise”, their latest release featuring Dermot Kennedy, is a clear example of this!

Listen to “Paradise” here.

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Trippie Redd – Pegasus

“Pegasus” album artwork

Trippie Redd has been a guest of this section a couple times these last months, and for good reason: he was getting ready for the release of his album “Pegasus”, which is finally here. This work is a behemoth made of 26 tracks! If you’re a fan of Trippie Redd like we are: congratulations, for Christmas came a month and a half early!

Listen to “Pegasus” here.

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Eli Rose – Alibi

Press photo for Eli Rose 2020

This month, Eli Rose has received two ADISQ nominations: Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best Album Artwork for her self-titled album, “Eli Rose” released on 2019. While we wait and see if she ends up on top of the competition on her first nominations for the prestigious Québec awards, let’s listen to her latest single, “Alibi” on repeat!

Listen to “Alibi” here.

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Savannah Ré – Solid

Savannah Ré on the recording set for the official “Solid” video

Toronto singer-songwriter Savannah Ré is back after her latest release “Homies” a couple weeks ago, and she’s back in a big way. “Solid” has many virtues, one of them being an exceptionally well-crafted music video! We were invited to the set of this music video, so do not hesitate to read the whole journey here! Perhaps with Savannah’s music on the background?

Listen to “Solid” here.

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Soran – Until The Day I Die

“Until The Day I Die” single artwork

Soran is back, and we’ve missed him. Quoting the young artist himself, this song is a celebration for his mother and he’s really excited that we can finally hear it (❤️). This is a new beginning for Soran and on our end, we are extremely excited for everything he will bring to the world! There is such a bright future waiting for him.

Listen to “Until The he Day I Die” here.

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Virginia To Vegas – don’t wake me, i’m dreaming

Press photo for Virginia To Vegas 2020

Not long after the release of “Palm Springs (the way you make me feel)”, Virginia To Vegas is here with his latest EP, “don’t wake me, i’m dreaming”. This is his second EP of 2020 following after “a constant state of improvement.”, meaning that this man is not going to rest until our needs for outstanding music are entirely satisfied!

Listen to “don’t wake me, i’m dreaming” here.

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BENEE – Plain (feat. Lilly Allen & Flo Milli)

Photo credit: Harry Were

BENEE, 2020’s indie pop phenomenon and New Zealand’s platinum sensation, released this week her latest single, “Plain (feat. Lilly Allen & Flo Milli)”. Of the collaboration, BENEE says, “I wanted to make it a song someone could listen to when they find out their ex is with someone new. The feeling sucks, so I wanted ‘Plain’ to make ya feel like you have the upper hand. Lily and Flo Milli both have such cool sass, and both their verses really elevated the track!

Listen to “Plain (feat. Lilly Allen & Flo Milli)” here.

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Jonas Brothers – I Need You Christmas

Press photo for “I Need You Christmas”

Halloween is this weekend, but with this crazy year it seems like we are all craving the holidays more than ever – and the Jonas Brothers have us covered. Holiday Season is almost upon us, and “I Need You Christmas” is set to be one of this year’s festive classics, as well as an ongoing track for future years to come. We really do need the end of 2020, don’t we?

Listen to “I Need You Christmas” here.

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Liam Payne – Naughty List (with Dixie D’Amelio)

Press photo for Liam Payne October 2020

Liam Payne joined forces with TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio to create his own “Naughty List”. This is Liam’s second Christmas track as a solo artist, following last year’s ‘All I Want (For Christmas)’ taken from his debut solo album ‘LP1’.

Liam said: “I love making TikTok videos and have really enjoyed connecting with the community. Everyone on TikTok is so creative and I love seeing all of the ways they use my music in their videos which is why I decided to release ‘Naughty List’ on TikTok first. My fans are the best and I can’t wait to see all of them using ‘Naughty List’ in their videos.”

Listen to “Naughty List” here.

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That’s all from us this October! Have a safe but spooky Halloween and we’ll see you back in November! What are you dressing as? Let us know on Instagram at @Umusic!