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#FAOTM: December x Ariana Grande

Posted on December 03, 2020

Ariana Grande x arainiagrnde

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‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on UMUSIC!

At UMUSIC, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication, and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at UMUSIC has admired for a long while. For this reason, UMUSIC has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our UMUSIC community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members, and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

Update account: A fan-run social media source for fan accounts. An update account serves as the main source of updates on a specific artist. An update account will gather all media, promotional items, and information on an artist and share the information with other fans. Think of update accounts as a constantly updated Wikipedia for fans. This series will also focus on update accounts, which are simply larger fan accounts.

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“positions” COVER ART

December’s fan account of the month features an Ariana Grande fan account: arainiagrnde! The account is run by Valentina from Romania. Valentina has been a fan of Ari since 2011, when the “34+35” singer played Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Valentina provides fans with updates on Ariana via Instagram and aesthetic lockscreens and edits on a Pinterest account. Running arainiagrnde and sharing all Ariana-related content is one of the many ways the team is able to show their love, appreciation, and admiration for the chart-topping popstar.

The team at UMUSIC asked Valentina questions pertaining to Ariana Grande, her newest album, merch, and fan culture. Below are a collection of her answers:

Why are you a fan of Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande is a very strong woman who has been through a lot and deserves everything good in life. She has been there for me with her music – whether I was happy, sad, or excited. Her music always makes me feel like she’s right there beside me, supporting me and making me feel better. Like other fans: I cry with her, I laugh with her, I sing with her. Ariana has been my inspiration and role model since I was 12-years-old and she always will be. The way she thinks, the way she puts her feelings on paper and then into a hit song, it’s amazing. I love the way she puts everyone else first and the way she stands up for humans rights. Her strength and the way she deals with pain is absolutely inspiring. She taught me how to love myself the way I am and to ignore people who want to tear me down. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say – there is no else who inspires more than Ariana does. 

Can you describe your journey supporting Ariana Grande?

I’ve been a fan of Ariana since 2011 when she played Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show Victorious. I fell in love with the character because she was so bubbly and funny. I somehow found myself relating to her character when I was younger. With time, I discovered her YouTube channel where she used to post her covers; in 2013 she released her first album and I was so happy to see her evolving. After 6 albums and many ups and downs in our fandom, I’m still here. I’m still supporting my idol and I am so proud of her and everything she’s ever done.

How would you describe Ariana Grande fans and the community you’ve all built?

I would describe our fandom as being loyal, understanding, and passionate. In this fandom I’ve made friends with people who understand me. We share opinions, discuss our feelings, and most importantly: our love for Ariana.

We’re all trying our best to protect her, to make her smile, and feel appreciate. Like Ariana once said, we’re all a big family

What is your favourite song off of “positions”?

My favourite song off of positions is “pov”. I absolutely love this song and the way it makes me feel. It’s so dreamy and makes me indescribably happy.

I also really love “safety net”.

Do you have a favourite look from this “positions” era?

100% the looks from “positions” music video! She looks so good.

I love all the fits. I love the concept of the music video and the power that it holds. Everything’s perfect.

Which Ariana merch item is your favourite?

quad photo ls t-shirt / cdn $60.00

I love the quad photo long sleeve t-shirt, it’s so cute.


Do you have a favourite Ariana Grande collaboration?

I’ll always love Ariana’s collab with Lady Gaga: “Rain On Me”. I’ve waited for this collab to happen since 2013. I love them both so much and I’m so happy they finally made a song together.

What makes Ariana Grande different from other artists in the world right now?

I love that she does what she does because she loves it – not because of the fame, money or charts. All of that is just a bonus for her. She makes music because it’s what makes her feel happy and it’s what helps her express her feelings while going through the worst and best moments of her life.

I also love the way she uses her platform and the way she speaks up about important things that are happening; she’s always trying her best to change the world and make everyone feel better about who they are and what they represent. She’s consistently trying her best to make everyone feel special and loved – the amount of love and kindness she spreads is unbelievable. 

If you could say one thing to Ariana, what would you say?

Ariana Grande Press Photo

I would tell her how much I love her, how much she means to me, and how proud I am of her. I would thank her for everything she’s taught me, for every song that has helped me heal, and for absolutely everything. 

Are there any other Ariana Grande accounts you recommend?

I have so many amazing accounts to share, but here are my favourites right now. I love and appreciate their work and I would love to see them happy:





The UMUSIC team would like to thank Valentina and all of the Ariana Grande fans for the hard work they put into their accounts. Your compassion, aesthetics, and humour do not go unnoticed.


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