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New Music Friday: Billie Eilish, Sabrina Carpenter, Lil Huddy, and more!

Posted on January 22, 2021

It’s the end of the week and things are looking up. Lucky for you, we have the new releases you need to keep those spirits high well into the weekend! Oh, and while you’re here, check out this playlist to add a little extra pep in your [socially distanced] step. Happy Friday!

Billie Eilish feat. Rosalìa “Lo Vas A Olvidar”

Which is more likely to get you in your feelings, the return of Euphoria or a new Billie Eilish track? Billie’s haunting vocals paired with Euphoria’s kaleidoscope of emotions, you won’t have to decide. We can’t wait to see how the two cross paths and we’ve never clicked faster.

“Lo Vas A Olvidar” is Billie’s latest single, following mega-hit, “Therefore I Am.” In the song, Eilish teams up with Rosalìa to create a dreamlike melody, sure to captivate an audience.

Listen to “Lo Vas A Olvidar” here.


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Lil Huddy “21st Century Vampire”

It’s Official. Lil Huddy has convinced us all that being a “21st Century Vampire” is not such a bad thing! Sure, vampires are always freezing cold, but this laid back tune definitely gives us coming-to-age summer vibes.

Lil Huddy grew up in a musical family, so it was only a matter of time before he released his talent for the rest of us to enjoy. “21st Century Vampire” is his first official single after starring in Machine Gun Kelly’s musical film, “Downfalls High,” which can be found here.

Listen to “21st Century Vampire” here.

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Sabrina Carpenter “Skin”

In “Skin,” Sabrina Carpenter reflects on an entanglement of emotions brought up by an old flame of her current boyfriend. There is much speculation that “Skin” is a response to another artist who pointed fingers at Sabrina. Although this song dropped as a surprise to fans, her response was well anticipated.

Sabrina Carpenter got her start like many before her, uploading covers to Youtube, which got her noticed by none other than Disney. She quickly rose to stardom, starring in shows such as “Girl Meets World” and releasing one-off singles along the way.

Listen to “Skin” here.

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Anders, EP “Chaos”

We love a hometown hero. Toronto-born anders is back again, blessing all with his new EP, “Chaos.” This EP consists of six tracks, kicking it off with “Don’t Play,” the perfect track to hype you up for pesky those at-home workouts. Whatever you’re up to, anders brings the motivation.

Listen to “Chaos” here.

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Finn Askew, EP “Peach”

Holly Shaw

This six-song EP is so fresh, it feels like spring came early! On “Peach” Finn Askew provides bright beats and uplifting vocals strong enough to lift us out of this winter funk. Blue Monday has nothing on us!

Wowing audiences all over the world, the 19-year-old singer is flourishing all over the world. Askew creates a completely unique sound by drawing from unexpected genres such as emo and R&B. It’s safe to say we will be jamming to this all season.

Listen to “Peach” here.

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Lele Pons, Yandel “Bubble Gum”

Kimberly Barrena

Can we talk about how talented Lele Pons is? After getting her start on Vine being the hilarious and relatable queen she is, she serves yet again with her snappy new track Bubble Gum. It will stick in your head, for sure. (Get it??)

Listen to “Bubble Gum” here.

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Ashley Kutcher “Love You From A Distance”

Nick Miller

Some college students pick up knitting as a hobby to keep their stress levels at bay. Ashley Kutcher, on the other hand, picked up being a popstar while studying to become a nurse. Luckily, the general public doesn’t have to miss out on her healing abilities; just listen to that angelic voice!

Listen to “Love You From A Distance” here.

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Bow Anderson, EP “New Wave”

Max Gervink

In the new EP “New Wave,” Bow Anderson gets right to the point. This collection of songs details a rough breakup, but Anderson isn’t letting it keep her down. There’s strength in her voice and lyrics, which we look to in uncertain times. Like so many of us, Bow turns to music to lift her up, which is how she came into songwriting in the first place after nearly losing her leg in an accident. What an inspiration!

Listen to “New Wave” here.

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That’s all for this week. Head over to our Instagram and let us know in the comments which project you’re most excited to see. Also, don’t forget to check out our “New Pop Hits” playlist to get you ready for the weekend. See you next time!