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New Music Friday: Nick Jonas, renforshort, BAD CHILD, and more!

Posted on February 26, 2021

Happy Friday! What’s your favourite way to unwind? If music is your thing, we’ve got eight new releases to help you loosen up after a long week. For a head start, check out our New Pop Hits playlist.

Nick Jonas “Spaceman”

Being the youngest member of the JoBros, Nick Jonas has had a lot of time to perfect the teenybopper-turned-refined artist vibe. In “Spaceman,” Nick shows us once again that his talent stands alone in this down to earth song.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special live appearance from the solo star this weekend 👀

Listen to “Spaceman” here.

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Pop Smoke “AP”

We have a new single from Pop Smoke, titled “AP.” Fans will appreciate his classic sound in this track, remembering his luxurious lifestyle. 

To honour him, “AP” will be the lead single off the upcoming soundtrack for the movie Boogie and murals of the legend have been projected around Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. RIP.

Listen to “AP” here.

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renforshort “Virtual Reality”

Tomoko Itoki

We don’t know about you, but our world has revolved around TikTok and memes for the past year and while it’s been fun, it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a change. In “Virtual Reality,” renforshort puts it into words perfectly.

“Virtual Reality” follows a steady stream of singles released by renforshort in 2020, as well as a feature in the Disney+ movie, “Clouds.”

Listen to “Virtual Reality” here.

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BAD CHILD “Free Trial” [Album]

Max Gervink

BAD CHILD definitely has a knack for expressing the feelings we can’t put into words, while captivating us with a unique sound. Following the release of his 2021 single, “$1,000,000,” the Canadian singer has blessed us with a full album of heartfelt songs to get us through this frigid winter season. Not sure where to start? Check out “Mannequin,” a song about disillusionment.

Listen to ‘Free Trial’ here.

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Command Sisters “Rain On My Parade”

Ryan Cain

Calling all mid-2000s-pop-nostalgia-lovers! Command Sisters delivered exactly what you were looking for; an eclectic cross between your fave 2000s themes and modern sound mix. If you ask us, “Rain On My Parade” definitely has trailblazing potential.

Listen to “Rain On My Parade” here.

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Claire Rosinkranz “Real Life”

Sleeping in, comfy clothes, Netflix and junk food; so much relatable all within the first verse. This track is a shoe-in for our quarantine playlist.

If we may be so bold, Claire Rosinkranz could be the spokesperson for Gen Z in the best way possible. You might know her from her TikTok sensation, “Backyard Boy,” (you know, the “5, 6, 7, 8” song we’ve had stuck in our heads for literal months). She has the look, creativity and drive to kickstart her career online – with her dad’s help, of course!

Listen to “Real Life” here.

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Laurence Nerbonne “OMG” 

Our Québecois Queen is back! Following the release of her single “One Love,” Laurence offers up a new album including “One Love” and 11 others.

Listen to ‘OMG’ here.

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Daddy Yankee “Problema”

In “Problema,” Daddy Yankee lets us know that he means business. This track is all about knowing what you want and not letting anything stop you; we love the passion.

That’s all for this week. Head over to our Instagram and let us know in the comments which release you’re most excited to listen to. Also, don’t forget to check out our New Pop Hits playlist. See you next time!