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New Music Friday: Lorde, Savannah Ré, Jessie J and many more!

Posted on June 11, 2021

The sun is blazing, sunscreen applied, drinks are iced and the music is loud. Ready or not it’s another Friday with more new music, so forget the drama of the week and release your inhibitions! This week, we have the soft and sensual “24hrs” by Savannah Ré, as well as many 4-year long returns including Lorde, Jessie J, Migos and Maroon 5. So go crazy and dance the night away, it’s summer after all; it’s warm enough to party all night (alone, we mean alone, we’re still in a panorama).

Lorde “Solar Power”

If we were to tell you it has been almost a decade since the release of ‘Pure Heroine,’ how old would you feel? With it now being 4 years since the release of ‘Melodrama,’ Lorde has gifted us for our patience by dropping “Solar Power” much earlier than anticipated. The song is gorgeous and unlike anything we have heard from the 24-year-old New Zealand singer / songwriter.

Much like the name implies, “Solar Power” plays on the light side of the spectrum as opposed to her darker works. If we were to describe this song, it would be the one you queue when you’re on the plane leaving for your vacation. Very hype without actually being a hype song, making you want to tan in the sand or watch a band in the park. Very hot girl summer and less sad boy summer.

Listen to “Solar Power” here.

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Valley “SOCIETY”

Since their accidental formation, the Toronto based quartette Valley has been releasing indie-pop bops, including their newest release, “SOCIETY.” Lyrics such as “society sucks, I think I messed up” and “when you get what you want, but it’s never enough” reflect honest truths. The song is an anthem for anyone who has felt the pressure of society, being viewed under any sort of lens.

“SOCIETY” follows up the band’s previous release “Like 1999” and 2019 sophomore album, ‘MAYBE.’ Make sure to check those out and all their other essentials on your streaming service of choice!

Listen to “SOCIETY” here.

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La Zarra “Tu t’en iras”

La troisième sortie de 2021 de La Zarra est ici! “Tu t’en iras” est une chanson brillante qui parle des difficultés d’une relation que n’a pas fonctionné. La voix de La Zarra est une voix très spéciale qui vous donnera tous les frissons.

La Zarra’s third release of 2021 is finally here! The song “Tu t’en iras” is brilliant and discusses the difficulties of a failing relationship as “you will go, like all the others before you.” La Zarra’s voice is extremely beautiful with a vocal tone that will give you all the chills.

Listen to “Tu t’en iras” here.

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Jessie J “I Want Love”

Jessie J, wow, “I Want Love” is the first track the singer has released since her 2018 album ‘R.O.S.E.’ We all know that Jessie J is undeniably an icon with countless songwriting credits, but it’s always her own music that hits different. A raw declaration of emotion, the honey vocals of Jessie J with the sheer intensity of love pouring through creates a work of art. Known for her hits such as “Bang Bang” and “Domino,” “I Want Love” establishes a new era in Jessie’s career and we are strapped into the rollercoaster, because we want love.

Listen to “I Want Love” here.

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Savannah Ré “24hrs”

Savannah Ré won her first JUNO this past Sunday for Traditional R&B/Soul Recording of the Year! Read all about it here!

Inspired by the never-ending pandemic, Savannah Ré draws inspiration from her own relationship to create “24hrs.” The sultry song expresses a never ending love being spent with the love of your life. Savannah Ré’s angelic voice delivers the song with a confidence that can only be found within the grips of a soul connection.

“I’ve seen so much about relationships being strained and coming to an end because really, you’re never forced to be in a house 24/7 with your spouse or significant other. However, I haven’t seen much about the positives of this. I feel like my relationship has gotten nothing but stronger, and it almost is like I wish 24 hours was longer just to have more time with my significant other.” – Savannah Ré

Listen to “24hrs” here.

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Migos ‘Culture III’ Album

Its 2021 and Migos have officially made it clear that they’re having it their way. ‘Culture III’ comes just over 4 years after their previous instalment in the trilogy. The album has features from notable legends such as Canada’s own Drake on “Having Our Way” and Justin Bieber on “What You See.” Make sure to check out the entire album on your preferred streaming service.


  1. Avalanche
  2. Having Our Way Feat. Drake
  3. Straightenin’
  4. Type Shit feat. Cardi B
  5. Malibu feat. Polo G
  6. Birthday
  7. Modern Day
  8. Vaccine
  9. Picasso feat. Future
  10. Roadrunner
  11. What You See feat. Justin Bieber
  12. Jane (Birkin)
  13. Antisocial Feat. Juice WRLD
  14. Why Not
  15. Mahomes
  16. Handle My Business
  17. Time For Me
  18. Light It Up feat. Pop Smoke
  19. I Need It feat. NBA Youngboy

Listen to “Culture III” here.

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Maroon 5 ‘JORDI’ Album

Releasing a collection of singles over the past 4 years, this is the newest album from Maroon 5. The body of work titled ‘JORDI’ continues the group’s signature sound into a new decade. The group looks phenomenal in their newest music video for the track “Lost.” Us here at UMUSIC are absolutely loving this album and we’re sure you will too!


  1. Beautiful Mistakes with Megan Thee Stallion
  2. Lost
  3. Echo feat. blackbear
  4. Lovesick
  5. Remedy feat. Stevie Knicks
  6. Seasons
  7. One Night feat. Bantu
  8. Convince Me Otherwise with H.E.R
  9. Nobody’s Love
  10. Can’t Leave You Alone feat. Juice WRLD
  11. Memories

Listen to ‘JORDI’ here.

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Locals Only Sound “Watch Yourself (Canada Version)”

Locals Only Sound released their single “Watch Yourself (Canada Version)” today with underground rappers Just John and Lavi$h. The song is heavily Rap and R&B focused, which is a significant difference from their previous releases. The Canada Version is the 3rd variation of the song to be released, following a South East Asia Version and a Jamaican Version. Keeping the elements of their Locals Only Sound and applying it to a new genre, this song slaps and we love the Canadian collaboration.

Listen to “Watch Yourself (Canada Version)” here.

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Justin Bieber “Peaches” Remix feat. Ludacris, Usher and Snoop Dogg

Canada’s favourite pop-star turned R&B sensation released the remix of his critically acclaimed song, “Peaches.” Justin Bieber rounded up a team of icons with the lineup including Ludacris, Usher and Snoop Dogg! We loved hearing how each artist took inspiration for this track as it is just so sweet. Indeed, a career defining moment to have this phenomenal of a lineup on a single track.

Listen to “Peaches” Remix here.

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Wow, another week has come and gone. Why does time always have to fly? Thank you for checking out another weekly edition of New Music Friday. We here at UMUSIC have had “SOCIETY” by Valley on repeat all day long with all the other new releases. Sound off on our Instagram and Twitter for all the latest updates on your favourite music!