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New Music Friday: Mabel, Emanuel, DaBaby and more!

Posted on June 18, 2021

Another astrological season has come and gone as we leave behind the twins to embrace the crab that is Cancer season. This being our last NMF in Gemini season, we hope you enjoyed all of the content while the sun transitioned our 10th house. Now enough about the stars because this lineup of new music will have you wanting to lay in a field and gaze at those constellations without us going on about them. With Emanuel’s debut album ‘Alt Therapy’, Mabel’s “Let Them Know” and more amazing tracks this week, we have a small but mighty list for you. So set up your bluetooth speaker, get comfortable and turn the music up!

Emanuel ‘Alt Therapy’ Album

Being able to add simplicity to complexity is something that people search for. They search for understanding. And I think there’s a wisdom in being able to translate that into something as beautiful, as simple as music.” – Emanuel for NEXT Magazine

London, Ontario’s very own Emanuel has dropped his debut studio album, ‘Alt Therapy.’ Following up his two previous EP’s in the ‘Alt Therapy’ trilogy, the album contains favourites from both ‘Session 1: Disillusion’ and ‘Session 2: Transformation.’ New featured tracks including “Hindsight” featuring Dylan Sinclair and “Pillows” enhance the emotions and signature sounds for this body of art. It takes the listener on a journey of healing, a spiritual one that enhances reflection without a physical mirror. This album is one that you’re not going to want to miss, cover to cover, you’ll go in one person and leave another.


  1. Need You
  2. Thought It’d Be Easy
  3. Addiction
  4. I Need A Doctor
  5. Detention
  6. Hindsight feat. Dylan Sinclair
  7. Magazines
  8. PTH
  9. Black Woman
  10. Pillows
  11. Worldwide
  12. I Been

Listen to ‘Alt Therapy’ here.

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DaBaby “Ball If I Want To”

DaBaby has been seeing massive success in 2021, growing to become a household name with great tracks. In words put perfectly by DaBaby himself, “it ain’t even my birthday but I can ball if I want to!” “Ball If I Want To” is a fresh summer song that will channel your inner idgaf attitude. It’s an anthem that makes us do what we want, whether that be ball, run, swim or whatever you might fancy.

Listen to “Ball If I Want To” here.

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Mabel “Let Them Know”

Mabel released her first iconic song of 2021 and it is a certified club anthem. “Let Them Know” is an electronic pop song with a beat that will have every limb grooving in some capacity. Mabel’s confident vocals compliment the simple but hard hitting lyrics. This instant classic feels like it came out during the perfect time, June being summer and Pride, we can already see this song turning into a voguing trend. Just while writing this alone, we have had about 3 impromptu dance parties.

“‘Let Them Know’, for instance, was inspired by obsessively re-watching ‘Paris Is Burning’, ‘Pose’ and ‘Drag Race’, whilst reflecting on dance music’s generational ethos of expression, liberation and inclusion.” – Mabel

Listen to “Let Them Know” here.

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Half Moon Run ‘Inwards & Onwards’ EP

JUNO winning band Half Moon Run is back today with their self-produced EP ‘Inwards & Onwards,’ featuring six new tracks! After the loss of a member since the pandemic hit, this is the group’s ode to finding peace and moving forward. It’s a very calm and stress-free listening experience that allows the EP to provide comfort immediately. Half Moon Run keeps elements that they’re known for, while simultaneously tweaking it with sorrow and serenity. This EP will guarantee to have you reassess aspects of life, we 100% recommend.


  1. How Come My Body
  2. On & On
  3. Fxgiving
  4. It’s True
  5. Nosebleeds
  6. Tiny

Listen to ‘Inwards & Onwards’ here.

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The Killers “Dustland (feat. Bruce Springsteen)”

Over 10 years since the release of “A Dustland Fairytale,” The Killers dropped their reinvention of the song with The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. “Dustland” takes a new direction of the song that’s a lot more instrumentally driven, where the original one plays off the mystical elements of the word fairytale. This version of the song demonstrates the growth in vision from the original and has a completely different feeling and pacing. If you’re a fan of The Killers, Bruce Springsteen or even just “Mr. Brightside,” you must check this out.

Listen to “Dustland” here.

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Boslen “QUARTZ (feat. Charmaine)”

Boslen released his third single of 2021 featuring Charmaine, titled “QUARTZ.” Much like the stone, this song is glistening with talent and likely to help you get through the days that little bit easier. The track is instantly amazing with lyrics that are defined in telling the narrative of the track, sending a message to all listeners. As well, Charmaine and Boslen’s voices sound harmonious together – truly a great vocal pairing.

Listen to “QUARTZ” here.

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As we near the end of mercury retrograde, we want to thank you for tuning into another instalment of New Music Friday. Make sure to keep up with us on our Instagram and Twitter for all the music updates you could ever need. Until next week, open up your pockets, concert tickets are going on sale again!!!