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New Music Friday: Ryland James, Lady Gaga, Rêve and so much more!

Posted on June 25, 2021

As June comes to a close, we are astonished at the amount of music we have today – this is easily our longest edition of NMF! But that just means the more music the merrier, and with these releases, you’re guaranteed to throw your body in circles. With the highly anticipated debut of Rêve, the return of Nathan Evans, a Justin Bieber remix and so many more, without further ado, let’s jump into New Music Friday!

Ryland James “3 Purple Hearts”

“This song is me telling the story of how we met and how I was honestly feeling about everything in our relationship back when he had to leave for that first scary time.” – Ryland James

In an aesthetically new era evolving his image, Ryland James dropped his 3rd single of the year, “3 Purple Hearts.” This track is an emotionally charged love story, discussing opening up to someone else in the beginning stages of a relationship. Love being such a complex feeling, Ryland taps into his honest emotions about bringing someone into your inner circle. If you’re in the mood for a beautifully constructed pop-ballad or just love love, this is definitely the song for you!

Check out the debut performance of “3 Purple Hearts” on the Marilyn Dennis Show here!

Listen to “3 Purple Hearts” here.

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Ashley Kutcher “Favorite What If”

“This song is reminiscent of all the great times you’ve had with someone you’re no longer close with. I feel like people will easily relate since we’ve all had a situation where we feel plagued with thoughts of what could have been.” – Ashley Kutcher

Distinguishing herself from the pop scene, 22 year old singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher follows up her previous single with the new “Favorite What If.” The instrumental of this song pairs perfectly with the somber confessional that is the lyrics. Attempting to shed the hard exterior to release one’s vulnerability, “Favorite What If” is Ashley’s own acknowledgement of her feelings. A beautifully written and composed song that you need to hear.

Listen to “Favorite What If” here.

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DaBaby “Red Light Green Light”

DaBaby continues to keep his hype alive, following up his previous single “Ball If I Want To” with the brand new “Red Light Green Light.” Keeping his signature sound and flow, DaBaby makes the world his fans continually. One of the hottest stars of 2021, he continues to impress with lyrical advancements, bars and plenty of charisma.

Listen to “Red Light Green Light” here.

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Rêve “Still Dancing”

“‘Still Dancing’ is a song that was written during a time when misery needed company and couldn’t have any. It is a song dedicated to club kids, but also house music itself and its unique ability to transport us to euphoria even on our darkest days.” – Rêve

For when the party’s over in your heart but the dance floor is still packed, Rêve makes her debut, letting audiences know they’re not alone. This house track emphasizes “Still Dancing” even when reality is caving in. In an anthem that encourages dancing through the pain, Rêve sings “I don’t know who needs to hear this, we came here to get some healing.”

With soulful vocals and a dance track, Rêve soars to new heights, dropping her highly anticipated debut. Marking her line in the sand as only the beginning, “Still Dancing” is just a taste of the phenomenal work we are to see of this young talent. Like a dream that has manifested into reality, thank you Rêve for a sad but extremely relatable dance track. We love it!

Listen to “Still Dancing” here.

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Bastille “Distorted Light Beam”

Bastille added to their impressive discography this week with the track, “Distorted Light Beam.” This follows up their prior 2021 releases with a new aesthetic and sound that has evolved from their prior work – we are here for it.

Listen to “Distorted Light Beam” here.

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noelle “Therapy”

20 year old emerging R&B/pop artist noelle made her return today with the stunning “Therapy.” The ballad emotes the need for communication within a partnership. Emotionally charged writing and true vocal talent demonstrates noelle’s range and passion. Allowing her visions of the world to meet, the darkness of reality shines through sonic gold.

Canadian born and raised, noelle is of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario. Surrounded by music, she found her roots at a young age; the ups and downs of high school made music her outlet. With thought provoking lyricism, waves of emotions are guaranteed while listening to noelle. The next big thing indeed, noelle has the vocal abilities of Ariana Grande with a sound similar to Sabrina Claudio and Lana Del Rey.

Listen to “Therapy” here.

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Nathan Evans “Told You So”

Nathan Evans is a breakthrough Scottish artist who continues to dominate charts in the UK and Europe. Following up his viral success with “Wellerman – Sea Shanty,” Evans released “Told You So.” In addition to the original version of the song, there is also a Digital Farm Animals remix out now. “Told You So” has folk inspired elements and is very rhythmic, serving marching band and campfire song realness, we live.

“I am soooo excited about Told You So, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, it’s like a dream come true to be releasing new music and I just hope everyone likes it. It’s a perfect summer song I’d say! Also having Digital Farm Animals on it is incredible, another dream come true for me.” – Nathan Evans

Listen to “Told You So” here.

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Johnny Reid “Hey Delilah”

In preparation for his album coming later this year, multi-time JUNO award winner Johnny Reid dropped “Hey Delilah.” The country-folk rock song encompasses the sound and critically acclaimed songwriting Reid is often known for. “Hey Delilah” follows up the 2020 Christmas special album, ‘My Kind of Christmas.’ In a new era of his music very different from his holiday special, we are anticipating the next release very much!

Listen to “Hey Delilah” here.

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Surfaces ‘Pacifico’ Album

“We decided to get back to our roots and record with home audio equipment in a living room surrounded by nothing but open windows to capture the energy of each day in Malibu. For almost a month we woke up to this special scenic outlook and just made what that feeling gave us, hoping that our fans would be able to hear what we were seeing.” – Surfaces

The Texan based duo dropped their full length album, ‘Pacifico,’ following up the successful singles, “So Far Away,” “Next Thing (Loverboy)” and “Wave of You.” Surfaces have become known for their low-fi pop music that has captivated audiences on an international scale. A tribute to the world they experience, this record reflects the feelings of the pacific shore.


  1. Climb
  2. Hideaway
  3. Let Me Know
  4. Yours
  5. On Time
  6. So Far Away
  7. Wave of You
  8. Feels The Same
  9. Next Thing (Loverboy)
  10. Come With Me
  11. Let It Ride
  12. Time Zones
  13. With You
  14. Malibu Interlude
  15. Come Around
  16. Pacifico

Listen to ‘Pacifico’ here.

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Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Reimagined 10th Anniversary Album

Purchase the ‘BORN THIS WAY 10TH ANNIVERSARY’ collection and check out all Lady Gaga merchandise here!

In honour of a monumental album that has been celebrated by everyone, especially the LGBTQ+ community since its release, ‘Born This Way’ has been reimagined for the celebration of Lady Gaga’s 3rd studio album. The album features the iconic studio album on disk one and 6 reinvented tracks by queer icons for the second disk. Featuring Kylie Minogue, Big Freedia, Years & Years and many more, it allows for this phenomenal album to be seen under different perspectives. With an album this brilliant, it is a moment in history to see it reinvented.

Disk 2 Reimagined Tracklist:

  1. Marry the Night – Kylie Minogue
  2. Judas – Big Freedia
  3. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) – The Horsewomen, Brittney Spencer and Madeline Edwards
  4. Yoü and I – Ben Platt
  5. The Edge of Glory – Years & Years
  6. Born This Way, The Country Road Version – Orville Peck

Listen to ‘Born This Way The Tenth Anniversary’ here.

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FLETCHER “Healing”

In an honest ode to self improvement, FLETCHER commences a new era with words to help inspire positive change. “Healing” is all about beginning to step towards self improvement and healing oneself. In an artistic vision brought to life, the calming vocals of FLETCHER and intimate lyricism allows for feelings to break through the walls of artist and audience.

“I thought, ‘If I can just figure out the secret, all my problems will be solved.’ As if everyone had the fix but me. Between different relationships, doctors, healers, crystals, self-help books, medications, podcasts, you name it, I sought it out. All my value was placed externally. And though those things have guided me on my journey and led me to where I am now, the thing I was missing was right in front of me. My own strength and love and soul has always been there, but I couldn’t see that. This song is the foundation of what’s to come…an era of healing…and feeling myself for the first time ever.” – FLETCHER

Listen to “Healing” here.

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Jonas Brothers “Remember This”

Last week, the Jonas Brothers shocked the world at midnight with the release of “Remember This.” With this track being released on the Friday going into the Saturday last week, we are giving it a special feature in this week’s edition of NMF as it definitely doesn’t deserve to be left out. In a homage to missing touring, the Jonas Brothers sing about creating memories to last a lifetime that will always be in our memory. But with the announcement of their tour of the same name, there will be plenty of things to remember and look forward to.

Listen to “Remember This” here.

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Jeremy Zucker “18”

In a throwback sounding track, Jeremy Zucker channels sounds of the early 2000’s in “18.” A song about falling in love with an older girl, Jeremy doesn’t want to be forgotten while she’s away at college. Platinum certified singer-songwriter, Zucker loves to share stories you would with your buddies, and “18” is one of the more personal tales.

“‘18’ is written from the perspective of a high schooler dating an older girl, and the thrills and excitement of that relationship. I wrote the song with some friends while we spent a week in Newport, Rhode Island. It feels straight from the soundtrack of an early 2000s coming-of-age film.” – Jeremy Zucker

Listen to “18” here.

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J.I the Prince of N.Y “No Hook”

For his newest single of 2021, the prince of NY released the track “No Hook.” This is his first solo drop of 2021 and reminds audiences why everyone has their eyes on him. Continuing his strong presence and defined flows, J.I is one to watch out for in the coming generations of rap!

Listen to “No Hook” here.

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Justin Bieber “Peaches” (Masterkraft Remix) feat. Alpha P & Omah Lay

Another week and another new Justin Bieber “Peaches” Remix, this one is the Masterkraft Remix featuring Alpha P and Omah Lay. This remix calms the song down and has a tropical sound; one that makes you feel like you’re relaxed on the beach. In a slowed rendition of the song, the vibes are raised, making the very anthemic song extremely chill. It is something we were not expecting but extremely glad it happened.

Listen to the “Peaches” (Masterkraft Remix) here.

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Wow, this week’s music was absolutely amazing and will most definitely keep you plugged in for the week to come. What was your favourite track mentioned? We’ve had both “3 Purple Hearts” and “Still Dancing” on repeat since their release – such phenomenal tracks! Make sure to let us know on Instagram what tracks you’re feeling. Until next time be sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter for all your favourite musical updates!