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New Country Hits: Emerging Artists You Should Know

Posted on June 28, 2021

You can have your space, cowboy, preferably 6 feet. Today we have 4 emerging country artists that will get that snake out of your boot. All have very different takes on the genre of country music, providing you with a diverse list overloading with talent. While you scroll, you can listen to these 4 featured artists and more rising country stars on our New Country Hits playlist. With that, let’s get into some emerging country stars that are going to pioneer the generations of country to come…

MEET: Lily Rose

Having grown up in Atlanta, Lily Rose is now emerging into the Nashville scene with a sound described as contemporary, vulnerable and raw. Rose grew up a self-taught drummer and guitarist who discovered her true voice while in high school. She quickly began to sell out local venues to the nation as a whole, this prompting her to make the next step in moving to Nashville in 2017.

You may already recognize Lily Rose from her single “Villain,” which has been making waves in the Nashville scene. Since it’s release in December of 2020, it reached #1 on iTunes both in the country and all-genre charts. With a collection of singles to her name, including the 2021 release “Remind Me Of You,” we are definitely keeping an eye out for future projects. Rose continues to make music and is currently focusing on hook and melody driven songwriting!

Check out Lily Rose on Instagram and Twitter.

MEET: Travis Denning

“I want people to come away thinking ‘who the hell was that?’ and ‘where can I see more?'”

Travis Denning is a 27-year-old Georgia-native country artist, who has been a natural performer since he was young. Having picked up a guitar in grade school, he was performing all around the town by the time high school came around. Moving to Nashville when he was 21, he established his songwriting cred with Jason Aldean, Justin Moore and Chase Rice.

Having released his debut EP ‘Beers Better Cold’ in May of 2020, Denning has been gaining attention with every release since. The song, “After a Few,” from his debut EP quickly skyrocketed to the top 5 of country radio. It showed a much sleeker side to Denning’s sound. Through the use of metaphoric and deep lyrics, there’s an emphasis on how his story is told. Travis Denning without a doubt will be a known name to all country fans within the coming years!

Check out Travis Denning on Instagram and Twitter.

MEET: Priscilla Block

In the words of Priscilla Block, “it’s a little sass, a little trash and a little sad” when describing her music – we love that. Block promotes self-love, empowerment and acceptance through her blend of unfiltered-relatable songwriting with ear worms of melodies. Block’s “Just About Over You” has seen success climbing the country top 40, and her single “Thick Thighs” has been gaining tons of traction on TikTok. The rawness of Priscilla Block’s music always has us coming back for more and soon, you too will be doing the same.

One of five children from a North Carolinian family, Priscilla took a chance moving to Nashville shortly after high school. While working multiple jobs to make ends meet, she coincidentally ran into her idol – Taylor Swift. With this, she knew she was meant to dive head first into music and Block has not looked back since.

“I love writing about real life experiences and the ups and downs that I’ve gone through, I don’t sugarcoat anything, and I think that’s the beauty of songwriting and being an artist.”

Check out Priscilla Block on Instagram and Twitter.

MEET: Parker McCollum

Bursting onto the scene independently in 2015 with his album ‘The Limestone Kid,’ Parker McCollum has been gaining fans everywhere since. After the track, “Meet You In The Middle,” off his debut album became a hit on Texas regional radio, Parker became one to watch. Many have praised McCollum for keeping Texan country music fresh, while also continuing with tradition and still being himself.

Born in Conroe, TX and currently based out of Austin, this singer-songwriter continues to crank out phenomenal songs with each subsequent release. Parker has been named an artist to watch by several publications, including Rolling Stone. Having released two singles thus far in 2021, we are more excited than ever to see what Parker has up his sleeve for us!

Check out Parker McCollum on Instagram and Twitter.

All 4 of these artists are extremely diverse with rich catalogues of phenomenal music. Make sure you check them out and let us know on our Instagram and Twitter who your favourites are! Listen to our New Country Hits playlist to keep up with the latest and greatest in country. Until next time, this was UMUSIC with the hottest emerging country artists of 2021!