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Double Duty, New Music Friday: Post Malone, Olivia Lunny, Billie Eilish and so many more

Posted on July 09, 2021

In respect towards Indigenous Peoples, we were silent across socials this past Canada Day long weekend. Therefore, we’ve got a double packed NMF for you this week featuring plenty of talent to get you satiated for the coming weeks. Before we get into it, we highly recommend you check out the today’s hits playlist to keep your ears as satisfied as your eyes throughout! Now we know you’re as ready as us so without further ado, let’s jump into New Music Friday!

New Music Friday, July 9th Edition

This is the first edition of the two part instalment of New Music Friday. This week, we are diving deep into music that is sure to make a splash across the months to come. From comebacks to debuts, with a few full albums in store, this week has been an amazing week for releases. The showcase includes the highly anticipated self-titled debut album from Olivia Lunny, Crown Lands’ “White Buffalo” and a surprise release from Billie Eilish in addition to many more.

Arkells “One Thing I Know”

Arkells are back with more music and this time, they have released an announcement in regards to their sixth studio album! The track “One Thing I Know” follows up previous 2021 singles with a different flair in comparison to them. This song takes elements from the early 2000’s to deliver a very fun pop song. “One Thing I Know” contrasts from the sounds heard in the prior singles such as “You Can Get It.”

The sixth studio album is to be titled ‘Blink Once’ and will be coming to us all September 30th, 2021. Pre-Save the album here.

‘Blink Once’ Official Tracklist:

  1. Liberation
  2. You Can Get It feat. K.Flay
  3. All Roads
  4. Strong
  5. One Thing I Know
  6. Truce
  7. Nobody Gets Me Like You Do
  8. Swing Swing Swing
  9. No Regrets
  10. Years In The Making
  11. Arm In Arm

Stream “One Thing I Know” here.

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Claire Rosinkranz ‘6 Of A Billion’ EP

Claire Rosinkranz has been on the worlds radar over the past year and today, she brings us her second studio EP. ‘6 Of A Billion’ features previous singles, including “Frankenstein” and “Boy In A Billion,” and culminates in this beautiful project. In a cohesive body of work, this marks Claire’s largest body of work to date, establishing her discography as an up and coming pop princess.

“Hotel” is a coming of age anthem that understands the pleasures of adult life. In an upbeat homage to partying, but leaving out your bedroom window. Other new songs finally hitting air waves include tracks “Pretty Little Things,” “Fall Apart” and “LAX,” all of which have their own distinct sound within the cohesive ‘6 Of A Billion.’ As this is simply the sophomore EP from Claire Rosinkranz, we are shocked at the talent on display – we have been fed well for a while.


  1. Hotel
  2. Pretty Little Things
  3. Boy In A Billion
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Frankenstein
  6. LAX

Listen to ‘6 Of A Billion’ here.

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Post Malone “Motley Crew”

In his first release since the 2019 album, ‘Hollywoods Bleeding,’ Post Malone is back with his newest solo single, “Motley Crew.” After the announcement of “Motley Crew” on Posty’s birthday, July 4th, the hype began to grow. The track establishes a new era for our favourite rockstar, as this new release keeps the sounds we love while hearing new stylings from Post.

Stream “Motley Crew” here.

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Olivia Lunny Debut Album

Following up the two extremely successful singles, “Who Could Say No” and “Sad To See You Happy,” we finally have the 1st studio album from Olivia Lunny. The self titled debut album comes just over two years since the debut of this phenomenal young talent. The record encompasses a modern breakup, along with moving on within the process. Songs such as “Worth It,” “Cold Coffee” and “Dominoes” demonstrate the power of this record, as every song has the potential to be a potent single. Overall, this record shows a new side of Olivia Lunny and we’re thankful to finally have the debut studio album, ‘Olivia Lunny.’


  1. Worth It
  2. Crazy Love
  3. The Walls
  4. Cold Coffee
  5. Dominoes
  6. Who Could Say No
  7. Sad To See You Happy
  8. Modern Love

Listen to ‘Olivia Lunny’ here.

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Billie Eilish “NDA”

Pre-Save the upcoming album ‘Happier Than Ever’ here!

Billie Eilish has revealed to the world her self-directed music video in addition to the newest single, “NDA.” This is now the third single off of Eilish’s upcoming album, ‘Happier Than Ever.’ In comparison to the two previous tracks, “Lost Cause” and “Your Power,” Eilish continues the trend of hair raising visuals and vocals. Continually upping the game for herself, Billie is a pioneer in creating lasting and historic moments such as this within pop music.

Stream “NDA” here.

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In one of the most brilliant displays of sheer vocal talent, Snoh Aalegra released ‘TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES’ today. Coming just two years after her previous album, ‘- Ugh, those feels again,’ this new era is a complete switch in aesthetic and sound, but with Snoh’s signature vocals. The album contains an astounding 15 tracks with features from the Tyler, The Creator and James Fauntleroy. Although we obviously recommend listening to the album cover to cover, songs like “NEON PUNCH,” “TANGERINE DREAM” and “VIOLET SKIES” are pure talent. We will honestly be having a permanent stay in the violet skies and we hope to see you there.


  5. NEON PEACH feat. Tyler, The Creator
  10. IN THE MOMENT feat. Tyler, The Creator
  11. ON MY MIND feat. James Fauntleroy


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Naliya “Roller Coaster”

The debut of Naliya was met hand in hand like a handshake and she is back with something for us to scream at the top of our lungs. “Roller Coaster” is the second single in succession to “Handshakes,” continuing to establish the first era of Naliya. Similar to her debut single, the track establishes her sound and visuals for the coming era. With a love for metaphors to help emphasize her feelings, the lyricism of Naliya is extremely authentic and one you won’t want to miss. To quote something else to flex about this up and coming talent, ‘she made the beat too.’

Stream “Roller Coaster” here.

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Crown Lands “White Buffalo”

In the continuation of their saga of songs about Indigenous rights, JUNO award-winning band Crown Lands released two brand new singles. The songs “White Buffalo” and “The Oracle” follow up previous releases in the saga, “Mountain” and “End of the Road.” Indigenous rights need to be discussed in an art form that can be shown to the masses. Crown Lands is doing exactly that and we are beyond proud. The tracks tie in their known rock elements/sound with their unique vocal stylings. “The Oracle” takes a much more synth-pop sound in comparison to their other music. Both of these tracks have been liked and saved by us as they’re simply that great – let us know which one resonates with you!

“White Buffalo is manifesting what will happen: overcoming oppression and rising up to reclaim one’s land. The White Buffalo is a symbol of manifestation. When Colonizers came to North America they tried to wipe out the Buffalo to starve Indigenous people to death. The buffalo are still here. We are too, and together we’ll overcome.” – Crown Lands

Listen to “White Buffalo” and “The Oracle” here.

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Sam Fender “Seventeen Going Under”

“Seventeen Going Under” is the first release to come from Sam Fender in a hot minute. Coming off the highly successful debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ in 2019, Fender establishes himself once again in a new era of music. “Seventeen Going Under” has a heavy instrumental to create the atmosphere of the song with the vocals being a bit muted in comparison. The mood evoked from this is similar to songs from iconic bands such as Bastille or Imagine Dragons (also featured in this NMF!). With so much aspiring talent in the pool right now, Sam Fender is one that is likely to make a big splash.

Stream “Seventeen Going Under” here.

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Bas “The Jackie” with J. Cole & Lil Tjay

In this very anticipated collab, we have a crossover between Bas, J. Cole and Lil Tjay; a roster of success. The track, “The Jackie,” is a true pop/hip-hop crossover with the instrumental serving some low vibes while paired with the three guys’ insane flows. An extremely chill song that has the same essence of driving in the passenger seat in a drop top convertible. But hey, even if you don’t have access to the convertible, this track can be bumped just about anywhere.

Listen to “The Jackie” here.

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Sophie Powers & Kellin Quinn “1 Thing”

“1 Thing” is as if hyper pop and punk got blended together for a smooth and easy-to-drink concoction. The talent and unique vocal stylings of Sophie Powers along with the one and only Kellin Quinn allow this song to have a fully realized vision. With layers to the vocal styling, there are many unique sounds simply within the vocal tracks; from singing to screaming and all in between. In addition, the song has that teen y2k type hook within the instrumental that makes you want to loop the song for hours. An unexpected release that is taking over our radar and interrupting our communication towers.

Stream “1 Thing” here.

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New Music Friday, July 2nd Edition

Today we bring the second edition of the two part instalment of New Music Friday. In the week prior to today, this is everything that would be seen in the July 2nd edition of New Music Friday. You didn’t think we would just skip a week of NMF did you? We could never not showcase the talent to you when there is this much new music dropping on the regular. There were amazing releases from Imagine Dragons, Yungblud, Andy Grammer and more. Although we skipped a week of writing, we could never miss an NMF, so let’s discover some more new releases!

Imagine Dragons “Wrecked”

Pre-Save ‘Mercury – Act 1’ coming September 3rd here.

Legends is the only word we can use to describe the Imagine Dragons! They announced the arrival of their album ‘Mercury – Act 1,’ which will be available to us all on September 3rd. This album will feature their brand new single, “Wrecked,” to which Imagine Dragons delivered their known instrumental stylings with their distinctive vocals. The song deals with the topic of separation and the feelings that come with it. Longing through the vocal colour and the incredible writing, the band is known for creating a seamless bop. 

Listen to “Wrecked” here.

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Zeds Dead “Alive” with MKLA

In an electronic dance banger, prepare to feel “Alive” in a phenomenal collaboration between Zeds Dead and MKLA. The song takes many different avenues to progress, while also showcasing different layers within the base instrumental to keep audiences guessing as to where it will go next. This paired with the honey vocals of MKLA along with the effects added, allow the song to feel as if MKLA is singing from the inside of a screen begging for freedom. The song is absolutely sickening and delivers all the robot fantasy one could ask for. 

Stream “Alive” here.

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Andy Grammer “Lease on Life”

In an extremely positive and inspiring message Andy Grammer has a whole new lease on life that he is ready to share with the world. “Lease On Life” is a song that carries forward positive energy and messages of growth while overcoming the difficult aspects. Reassuring audiences that everything is going to be alright, Grammer makes his musical return in 2021. In a much different direction from his previous work, we cannot help but anticipate where this track will take us. 

Listen to “Lease on Life” here.

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Anson Seabra “Dominoes”

Following up several other 2021 singles, Anson Seabra continues to pump out new music and expand his fanbase with every subsequent release. In the pop-ballad titled “Dominoes,” Seabra opens his emotions up to the mass audiences. Continuing the sounds of prior tracks such as “Magazines” and “Walked Through Hell,” it is evident the artistic vision that Seabra aims to achieve in this era. Based on the sound work, aesthetic and overall impact of every track Seabra has released this year, we are beyond proud to see his talent be recognized and on display for everyone.

Stream “Dominoes” here.

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NorthSideBenji & DJ Charlie B “30,000 ft”

In the first release of NorthSideBenji since 2019, he has come back with a vengeance and he’s bringing DJ Charlie B with him. This track is incredibly smooth, like flying “30,000 ft” in the air. Since its release this previous Friday, the song has gone on to amass a ton of streams and has been recognized for its effortless flow. The track, while chill, also packs a punch with every single bar allowing for everyone to bop for all 2:38 of the song.

Listen to “30,000 ft” here.

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Riley Green ‘Behind The Bar’ Album

The sophomore album from country icon Riley Green is here with honest lyrics and a pure message. ‘Behind The Bar’ advances Green’s songwriting abilities, demonstrating immense growth and truly levelling up within his craft. Many of the songs, including “That’s My Dixie,” have extremely important messages that can be related to by fans of any musical genre. This country album sets itself apart from the rest of the genre and is 100% going to be a favourite amongst all. 


  1. Behind The Bar
  2. That’s What I’ve Been Told
  3. If It Wasn’t For Trucks
  4. Put ‘Em On Mine
  5. That Was Us with Jessi Alexander
  6. I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave
  7. That’s My Dixie

Stream ‘Behind The Bar’ here.

Check out Riley Green on Instagram and Twitter.

Jax Jones ‘Deep Joy’ Singles Album

Jax Jones proves again why he has been on a continual upwards projection with his newest singles album titled ‘Deep Joy.’ All the songs contain the sounds that we love from Jones, including his signature production style on all 4 of the tracks. “You Broke My Heart Again” is a standout, featuring the vocal talents of Teqkoi and Aiko. The beat mixes tropical house with modern R&B sounds to create a relaxing bop that can be enjoyed year round. If you’re a huge Jax Jones fan or simply in need of new music, this should definitely be saved to your personal catalogue.


  1. Feels
  2. Crystallise with Jem Cooke
  3. You Broke My Heart Again with Teqkoi and Aiko
  4. Paris with System.Inc

Listen to ‘Deep Joy’ here.

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YUNGBLUD “Mars (Acoustic)” and “Like A Virgin (Madonna Cover)” Spotify Singles

YUNGBLUD amazed fans by dropping two surprise tracks to enjoy for Spotify listeners. The first of which is an acoustic version of their song “Mars,” which takes on a whole new vibe. The acoustic version shows off a much softer melody with simply a piano as accompaniment. The second is a “Like A Virgin” cover by the one and only Madonna. YUNGBLUD puts his own unique spin on the song and makes it his own in this cover. If you haven’t heard these already, be sure to check them out!

Stream “Mars (Acoustic)” here.
Stream “Like A Virgin (Madonna Cover)” here.

Check Out Yungblud on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you for joining us for our first ever 2-in-1 New Music Friday! As you can see, this blog easily takes the cake for most releases in a single NMF but how could it not? All the releases from both this and last week are such standouts in their own unique way! Our top tune of the week goes to both Crown Lands for their single “White Buffalo” and Olivia Lunny for her self-titled debut album! Be sure to let us know what your favourites were on Instagram and Twitter. Until next week, this has been UMUSIC signing off.