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New Music Friday: Lorde, Valley, Remi Wolf and many more!

Posted on July 23, 2021

Welcome to the first New Music Friday of a brand new astrological season! Today the sun moved into Leo, illuminating our confidence, drive and making us feel we can do no wrong. Our releases this week will have you feeling like the main character. Lorde has dropped her second single off ‘Solar Power,’ Ebhoni released her debut album, we were gifted a new Zach Zoya track and so much more to keep your need for new music satisfied. Put on your most glamorous outfit, feel your absolute best and let’s dive into today’s newest hits.

Lorde “Stoned at the Nail Salon”

“This song is sort of a rumination on getting older, settling into domesticity, and questioning if you’ve made the right decisions.” – Lorde

In a much slower pace compared to the first single, “Solar Power,” Lorde takes it down a few notches for “Stoned at the Nail Salon.” With sounds and vocals reminiscent of her previous works, it’s a whole 180 from the upbeat summer concept audiences were expecting. “Stoned at the Nail Salon” is a beautiful ode to better understanding oneself with the pressures of life surrounding us. With the release of the ‘Solar Power’ record on August 20th, who truly knows what direction this album will go…but we are beyond excited.

Check out “Stoned at the Nail Salon” here.

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Valley “Tempo”

Canadian band Valley has continuously pumped out hit after hit this 2021. “Tempo” is an upbeat dance track that will cause your body to move along with the rhythm. The song feels the same way a successful beach day does; it’s the embodiment of dancing as the sun goes down. This follows up prior 2021 singles, “Like 1999” and “Society,” both of which have different vibes to “Tempo.” Diversifying and expanding their signature sound, the band is simply unstoppable with the amount of pure fire they’re bringing. 

Stream “Tempo” here.

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Remi Wolf “Liquor Store”

Drawing upon punk-rock sounds of the early 2000’s, Remi Wolf brings audiences the groovy track, “Liquor Store.” Wolf has been on an absolute roll this year having already released multiple singles and a mixtape. Utilizing her deep and sultry vocals with the upbeat track creates a distinct listening experience that can only be created by Remi Wolf. While establishing her personal branding and sound as an artist, we are loving the direction Remi Wolf is headed.

“‘Liquor Store’ feels like I am shedding a skin. It’s about my journey with sobriety, which has been a major life shift for me over the last year. At the end of 2020, after six months away from the studio, I had a crazy explosive week where all these feelings came pouring out of me —‘Liquor Store’ captures a lot of them. It’s my first baby of the bunch and I hope you love it.” – Remi Wolf

Check out “Liquor Store” here.

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Swedish House Mafia “Lifetime” feat. Ty Dolla $ign & 070 Shake

Continuing their comeback story, the icons of Swedish House Mafia have teamed up with other legends, Ty Dolla $ign and 070 Shake. Following up “It Gets Better,” the trio continues their massive return to music with “Lifetime.” The track demonstrates the band’s growth while also showing that they haven’t missed a beat after almost a decade. Incorporating both the sounds of the future and stylings of the past have us feeling nostalgic, but also looking towards the next chapter. Swedish House Mafia gave us a very unique track that will be kept on loop for when we drive under the stars.

Stream “Lifetime” here.

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Zach Zoya “Understand”

Zach Zoya is back with some brand new music following up his other 2021 singles. “Understand” is a hip-hop track with inspirations from several other genres being heard throughout the song. With an impressive lyrical flow and a chill beat, the song is perfect for those laidback summer days. This song will have you feeling your hot boy summer fantasy from the first beat. Be sure to check this one out!

Check out “Understand” here.

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Ebhoni ‘Good Dick & Weed’ Album

“The last thing I wanted was to walk into a room and not be in control of my setting, my craft, [Production] is very male-dominated, and especially being a woman, I don’t ever want to [feel] dominated in a session about my music.” – Ebhoni

Today, Ebhoni released her debut studio album titled “Good Dick & Weed,” and we are absolutely digging it. The Toronto hip-hop artist has been making waves with her previous releases and now she draws her territory in the sand. The album has an impressive flow and truly captures the vibes of well, a night of good dick and weed. Tracks such as “Come Over,” “Rotation” and more will have this album featured in all of your favourite playlists. With that, we want to congratulate Ebhoni on a phenomenal debut album!


  1. IYKYK
  2. Come Over feat. BEAM
  3. Rep It
  4. Rotation
  5. Be A Man
  6. Westwood
  7. I Try
  8. Think
  9. True Say
  10. Whilshire & Bixel

Stream ‘Good Dick & Weed’ here.

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James Blake “Say What You Will”

“Say What You Will” marks the return of James Blake to music with his first single release of 2021. The London-based singer last released a multitude of singles and covers throughout 2020. Establishing a new era within his own artistry, “Say What You Will” feels cinematic with Blake’s deep husky vocals feeling like a lovely narration. The track feels inspired by fairytales and old folk tales with the song sounding as the protagonist’s coming of age anthem. Check it out for a complete different track that will leave you with a sense of peace (it also has sick cover art).

Check out “Say What You Will” here.

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Jeremy Zucker “HONEST”

In an acoustic song, Jeremy Zucker slows it down for the brand new single, “HONEST.” Much like how the title implies, the song pairs honest lyricism with an easy to digest instrumental for a song from the heart. The feelings evoked by Zucker can be heard with every single lyric. The accompanying instrumental adds to the raw feeling within the song as though this is something that just needs to be said to another. 

“‘HONEST’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written thus far, and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone. It’s about someone I used to date who turned out to be a pathological liar. The realization that I was being lied to and manipulated by someone I sincerely trusted hit me like a brick wall.” – Jeremy Zucker

Stream “HONEST” here.

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Belly “Better Believe” feat. The Weeknd & Young Thug

Gathering up the XO label mates – Belly and The Weeknd – for a collaboration, they brought in Young Thug as well, you better believe it! With three unique legends on a single track, “Better Believe” is a standout in the hip-hop genre for the year. All three artists have a distinct lyrical flow and sound that enhances the whole song with every transition. Each verse has its own colour while also adapting to make the track cohesive. Would we really expect anything less from legends?

Check out “Better Believe” here.

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Culture Jam, Gunna & Polo “Waves”

In a brand new single, “Waves,” from Culture Jam, they bring in the stylings of Gunna and Polo to help enhance the track. The hip-hop song is fun for the summertime and brings the same heat of the sun on a gorgeous day. With Culture Jam only having debuted this year, they are on a meteoric rise with only two singles under their belt. We are beyond excited to see what comes from them next if “Waves” is just a taste. 

Stream “Waves” here.

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Thank you so much for joining us for another NMF, we appreciate all the support. Our primary highlight of the week is the star studded Valley and their song “Tempo” – a great track for the summertime. Be sure to let us know what your favourite release of the week is on our Instagram and Twitter! Until next time, this has been UMUSIC, signing off!