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New Music Friday: Johnny Orlando, Elton John x Dua Lipa, Machine Gun Kelly and many more!

Posted on August 13, 2021

This Leo season has brought us so much amazing music that’s made it simply fire! The level of these releases continue to outdo themselves, having brought us some of the best music this year just over the summer. This week, we have brand new singles from Canadian icons such as Johnny Orlando, Command Sisters, Rêve, Nue and Arkells. In addition to this, we have a collaboration from Elton John and Dua Lipa, and a full album from The Killers. So what we’re saying is, pop open a cold beverage, grab yourself an ice-cold popsicle, and get ready for one of the hottest NMFs of the year!

Johnny Orlando “Daydream”

“To me, Daydream is a song that I want people to hear and immediately be put in a good mood. It’s not really groundbreaking stuff by any means but its a really fun song and I guess the end goal is to cheer people up a bit, especially with the year we’ve had. I have my share of hard hitting songs in the vault waiting to come out, but you’ll have to wait for the album.” – Johnny Orlando

Following up his March 2021 release, Johnny Orlando is back with his lead single off of his upcoming debut album. “Daydream” sophisticates and matures Johnny’s sound, which advances his craft both sonically and lyrically. The song is a bop that has a sense of melancholy evoked from the effects applied to his vocals and instrumental. This dance pop track has a distinctive tone that’s catchy but also relatable. If this is only the beginning of Johnny’s debut album, we are excited to see what he has in the vault.

Listen to “Daydream” here.

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Machine Gun Kelly “papercuts”

Machine Gun Kelly is hot off the news with his VMA nominations and is back with his newest single, “papercuts.” MGK has such a unique sound established within his music that separates himself from other popular rock artists. Lyrically, he continues to push the envelope; singing of his own issues and feelings for the world to hear. Written with Travis Barker and Nick Long, the punk vibe this song brings is simply unmatchable, one that will prepare you for those back to school feelings.

Check out “papercuts” here.

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Rêve “SKIN 2 SKIN”

Since her debut with “Still Dancing,” Rêve has impressed audiences globally and climbed our favourite playlists. Today, returning with her second single, “SKIN 2 SKIN” embodies sensuality while keeping the tempo established in “Still Dancing.” It’s a dance-pop track that’s simply sexy with an honesty of longing for another person’s touch. The sensuality of this track is so prevalent and makes the track that bit more exciting to the listener. For an artist who has just debuted, her artistic aesthetic and concept is unique and easily identifiable in today’s music market. Bravo!

Listen to “SKIN 2 SKIN” here.

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Elton John “Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)” feat. Dua Lipa

Elton John recently re-announced his final farewell tour and the thing furthest from our mind was a collaboration! Teaming up with one of the hottest pop stars right now, Dua Lipa, they delivered the track “Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)” to a global audience this week. Blending their two styles to this track allowed this remix to be taken to the next level. The pop collaboration of the year that is almost too good to be true.

Check out “Cold Heart” here.

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Command Sisters “Chameleon”

Slowing down from the pace of their previous release, “Chameleon” came from the talented Command Sisters along with the announcement of their new EP, ‘Rouge.’ The Command Sisters slowed down their sound and allowed their vocal talent to shine through on this track. More reminiscent of a pop ballad, it shows a new side of their creative colour that differs in sound from their previous track, “Feel Good.” The blending of the sisters’ voices along with some simple piano instrumentation allows the true emotion of the lyrics to flood through. We are beyond impressed at the talent of this duo and are so excited to see what else they have in store!

Listen to “Chameleon” here.

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Coi Leray “Okay Yeah!”

Up and coming rapstress, Coi Leroy dropped her newest single “Ok Yeah!” today. This track is something completely new and different from the other flows and tracks Leray has dropped recently. The song has hyper-pop elements, primarily applied to Leray’s vocals, but the synth and electro sounds add to this hyper-pop/rap fantasy. A multi-talented act, this is one of the directions that was unexpected for this release, but if there is one thing about Coi Leray, she will keep you on your toes with her versatile talents.

Check out “Ok Yeah” here.

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Nue “Feel It Now”

Nue hit it on the nose with this track because there is no way were not feeling it now. The comeback is titled “Feel It Now,” which samples an insanely popular TikTok sound (can you tell which one it is?), that makes the song a complete ear worm. The song is insanely good with the flow of Nue having grown exponentially between his previous release and this one. With his previous release being a staggering 10 months prior to this, we are so happy to be hearing new music from Nue!

Listen to “Feel It Now” here.

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Chelsea Cutler “You Can Have It”

“There aren’t a lot of songs from a female perspective that come from a place of dominance. I don’t have a lot of lighthearted music either, but it was important for me to do something super beachy and fun. It’s badass.” – Chelsea Cutler

Following up her previous release, “Walking Away,” Chelsea Cutler returns with the empowering single, “You Can Have It.” The song has an aura of summer through the guitar instrumental and if we close our eyes, we can feel the sand between our toes. A happier song in tone in comparison to her previous works, Cutler establishes her own confidence through this track. Chelsea Cutler continues to show audiences the many different perspectives and sounds she can accomplish. “You Can Have It” is a certified jam (we like raspberry).

Check out “You Can Have It” here.

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The Killers ‘Pressure Machine’ Album

The iconic group behind the legendary “Mr. Brightside” is back today with their 7th studio album, ‘Pressure Machine.’ The Killers are well known and respected for their endless contributions to modern day rock and roll. This album has so many peaks and valleys that enable a dynamic listening experience. Songs such as “Runaway Horses,” “Quiet Town” and the title track “Pressure Washer” reveal the groups growth while also staying true to the sound their fans know and love. The Killers never disappoint and this album proves that failure is never an option for this legendary group.


  1. West Hills
  2. Quiet Town
  3. Terrible Thing
  4. Cody
  5. Sleepwalker
  6. Runaway Horses w/ Pheobe Bridgers
  7. In The Car Outside
  8. In Another Life
  9. Desperate Things
  10. Pressure Machine
  11. The Getting By

Listen to ‘Pressure Machine’ here.

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Sean Paul “Only Fanz” feat. Ty Dolla $ign

A tropical and fun song about a popular streaming service, “Only Fanz” is a song for the summer with a beat that is easy to dance with. Blending together the sounds/flows of Sean Paul and Ty Dolla $ign means a bop that is certified heat. A song that radiates positive energy and confidence, it is without a doubt that this is a song to shake some booty to for Leo season.

Check out “Only Fanz” here.

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Arkells “Swing Swing Swing”

Gearing up for their return to touring live, Arkells have released another single off of their upcoming album ‘Blink Once.’ The track titled “Swing Swing Swing” is an upbeat bop that is extremely dynamic. Unapologetically upbeat, “Swing Swing Swing” will have your head bopping and toes tapping with each bar. As this is now the 5th single in anticipation of ‘Blink Once,’ we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the newest record.

“There’s a tradition in gospel and soul music where you find these transcendent chordal arrangements that make you feel everything at once, that’s what we were chasing with this song – throw some blistering trumpet in there and we have something that feels very new to us.” – Max Kerman

Listen to “Swing Swing Swing” here.

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Michael Aldag “Tonsillitis”

Fresh talent, Michael Aldag, isn’t feeling too well in his newest track, “Tonsillitis.” The song is a sad ballad addressing the pain he has felt while in this unhealthy relationship. An outpouring of is his feelings, he releases them into his piano with emotion shaking his words, adding a whole other level to his music. Aldag is so sad in this warming song of melancholy that simply brings a tear to the eye. With such a phenomenal style of songwriting and beautiful conical composition, Michael Aldag is one to have on your radar for the coming months!

Check out “Tonsillitis” here.

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Thank you for joining us for another edition of New Music Friday! Our favourite release this week is a tie between our Ontario boy, Johnny Orlando and our brand new queen from Montreal, Rêve. Be sure to let us know on our Instagram and Twitter what your favourite releases of the week are! Until next week, stay chill, this has been UMUSIC, signing off.