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New Music Friday: ‘Solar Power,’ Shawn Mendes, Trippie Redd and many more!

Posted on August 20, 2021

In the last week of Leo season, we are bringing you one of the most confident, sexy and brilliant lineups yet! Much like the energy of Leo (and the fifth house), this week radiates creative energy with a bold presence that is simply undeniable. Lorde has officially released her third studio album ‘Solar Power,’ Remi Wolf released two singles in anticipation of her debut album, and country legends Lady A and Keith Urban made their own comebacks. This week is a star studded lineup, so be sure to open your preferred streaming service so you can save all your faves.

Lorde ‘Solar Power’ Album

Grammy award winning global sensation, Lorde released her third studio album ‘Solar Power’ today. After almost 4 years of anticipation being built since the release of ‘Melodrama,’ this album is everything we could’ve wanted and nothing we could’ve expected at the same time. Keeping sounds and vocal techniques known to her, ‘Solar Power’ is much lighter in mood and happier in concept in comparison to what we know from the young artist. Evoking her connection to nature and this planet we call home, songs such as “Big Star,” “Oceanic Feeling” and the title track “Solar Power” bring forth Lorde’s honest feelings. Just in time for the last weeks of summer, these songs will keep us feeling the heat all through the fall.

The album is a celebration of the natural world, an attempt at immortalizing the deep, transcendent feelings I have when I’m outdoors. In times of heartache, grief, deep love, or confusion, I look to the natural world for answers. I’ve learned to breathe out, and tune in. This is what came through.” – Lorde


  1. The Path
  2. Solar Power
  3. California
  4. Stoned at the Nail Salon
  5. Fallen Fruit
  6. Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)
  7. The Man with the Axe
  8. Dominoes
  9. Big Star
  10. Leader of a New Regime
  11. Mood Ring
  12. Oceanic Feeling

Check out ‘Solar Power’ here.

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Shawn Mendes & Tainy “Summer Of Love”

I hope this song makes people feel free, free from the weight of life, even if just for a moment” – Shawn Mendes

“Summer Of Love” is the brand new single from Shawn Mendes in collaboration with Tainy. The two joined forces for a fun upbeat song about a summer fling. A song about a flourishing love in the summer heat – when we close our eyes, it takes us to a tropical beach far away from the daily routine. Shawn Mendes is an icon and this song is just another classic added to his flawless catalogue.

Listen to “Summer Of Love” here.

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Trippie Redd ‘Trip At Knight’ Album

Today, rap legend Trippie Redd released his fourth studio album, “Trip At Knight.” The album is an obvious Trippie record with all the songs matching his sound and lyrical flow that fans know and love. ‘Trip At Knight’ also features several amazing collaborations, including appearances from Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Juice WRLD, Lil Durk and many others. An extremely dynamic album with loads of bops, we’ve had a different favourite on each listen!


  1. Molly Hearts
  2. MP5 feat. SoFaygo
  3. Finish Line
  4. Holy Smokes feat. Lil Uzi Vert
  5. Super Cell
  6. Miss The Rage feat. Playboi Carti
  7. Supernatural
  8. Demon Time feat. Ski Mask The Slump God
  9. Matt Hardy 999 feat. Juice WRLD
  10. Vibes
  11. New Money
  12. Danny Phantom feat. XXXTENTACION
  13. Space Time
  14. Baki
  15. iPhone
  16. Rich MF feat. Polo G & Lil Durk
  17. Captain Crunch feat. Babyface Ray, Sada Baby & Icewear Vezzo

Check out ‘Trip at Knight’ here.

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YUNGBLUD “fleabag”

Pop-punk star YUNGBLUD dropped his newest single “fleabag,” which is filled with raw emotion. Honest lyrics make themes relatable to audiences as YUNGBLUD sings about mental health and needing love. It’s an extremely harsh song instrumentally that is reminiscent of pop-punk in the early 2000’s. Even the styling of YUNGBLUD’s vocals on this track have a sense of nostalgia to music from the Y2K punk era. The song is extremely emotional while devouring the true essence of punk-rock – this song is a 10/10 in our books.

I wrote ‘fleabag’ in a really dark time of my life, when a lot of people around me had an expectation about what I should be. To tell you the truth it’s about being fucking gutted about people judging me and trying to tear me down. I felt so alienated, I felt so alone” – YUNGBLUD

Listen to “fleabag” here.

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Remi Wolf “Quiet On Set” & “Grumpy Old Man”

This week, Remi Wolf announced her debut album ‘Juno,’ which will be coming to us October 15th. With this came the release of two tracks off the album, “Quiet On Set” and “Grumpy Old Man.” Both have their own unique flair, while establishing the sound that we as an audience can expect to hear from Remi’s debut album. “Quiet On Set” has the vibes of watching cartoons on an early morning while being a young child, while on the other hand “Grumpy Old Man” is the feeling of wearing whatever you want and truly not caring; feeling free in the world. We were already so excited to see what Remi had in store for us and we are stoked that it’s a brand new album!

‘Juno’ Tracklist:

  1. Liquor Store
  2. Anthony Kiedes
  3. wyd
  4. Guerrilla
  5. Quiet On Set
  6. Volkiano
  7. Front Tooth
  8. Grumpy Old Man
  9. Buttermilk
  10. Sally
  11. Sexy Villain
  12. Buzz Me In
  13. Street You Live On

Check out “Quiet On Set / Grumpy Old Man” here.

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Surfaces “Sheesh!” with Tai Verdes

For almost a month we woke up to this special scenic outlook and just made what that feeling gave us, hoping that our fans would be able to hear what we were seeing.” – Surfaces

“Sheesh!” this brand new single from Surfaces x Tai Verdes is beyond a bop. The song literally sounds like a beautiful sunny day; the feeling when you chug a whole litre of water on the beach – that level sheesh! The essence of a hot destination is felt throughout the whole song with it simply giving off the best summer vibes.

Listen to “Sheesh!” here.

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Jeremy Zucker “Cry with you”

The coffee shop vibes can be felt from the first bar of this emotionally charged track. “Cry with you” follows up prior 2021 singles “18” and “HONEST” from Jeremy Zucker. The song takes a much different direction in comparison to other songs from his catalogue, but is much more emotional. A simple acoustic guitar helps to set the tone of this track and establishes Zucker’s truest emotions.

Check out “Cry With You” here.

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Sam Fender “Aye”

In the second single release of 2021, Sam Fender makes his return today with the comeback single “Aye.” Following up the prior single “Seventeen Going Under,” Fender takes a darker approach with this track. A darker instrumental with emphasis on the guitar and drum patterns to carry the emotion of the song. All we can think to say is aye, play that track back again.

Listen to “Aye” here.

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Lady A “Where Would I Be”

“Where Would I Be” is the newest release from country icons, Lady A. A beautifully written and sonically advanced song, Lady A is known for writing music that can pierce through the heart. The country group has amazing vocal talent along with harmonies that make the song (specifically the bridge) absolutely sensational *chills*. “Where Would I Be” is a country song that is sweet like honey to the ears.

Check out “Where Would I Be” here.

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salem ilese “Ben & Jerry”

Usually it’s hard to pick which Ben and Jerry’s we want, but with Salem Ilese, we know exactly which one! If you don’t think you’re familiar with Salem Ilese, she released the song “Mad at Disney” in 2020 which was viral on TikTok! “Ben & Jerry” is sweet like the treat and just as cold. The song has a petty aura as the only men that can be trusted sometimes are that of Ben and Jerry! The song is spunky with a playful element that makes it so fun to listen to.

Listen to “Ben & Jerry” here.

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Keith Urban “Wild Hearts”

Country legend, Keith Urban released his newest track titled “Wild Hearts” today and we are wild for this track! A fun and typical Keith Urban song, it has the essence of country music in every beat. The lyrics are open and accepting; providing a sense of freedom as well as love from the country star. This is only his first single of 2021 and we cannot be more excited to see what is to come.

Check out “Wild Hearts” here.

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James Blake “Life Is Not The Same”

Sometimes life will never be the same; with what we experience it changes our perspective of the world and that is what James Blake is here to say. “Life Is Not The Same” is the follow up to the single “Say What You Will” which is evident through their sonic similarities. Sticking with a similar concept, “Life Is Not The Same” is a soft song for the nights when loneliness creeps in. Despite that, this the song doesn’t feel as sad as the nature of the words and emotion behind every lyric. There is no word but excitement to see how this project sounds from James Blake.

Listen to “Life Is Not The Same” here.

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Alesso & Marshmello “Chasing Stars” feat. James Bay

In a song that can simply be described as magical, this single comes from a collaboration between the incredible Alesso, Marshmello and James Bay. “Chasing Stars” is energetic while being reminiscent of the house music crazy popular in the early 2010’s. The track is simply happy with the song’s melody being extremely calming while also an addictive ear worm. This song must definitely come with a warning: it will get stuck in your head for the entire day!

Check out “Chasing Stars” here.

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Wow! This New Music Friday was one of the best we’ve had; the lineup was simply perfection. We have to give a shoutout to the album that took 4 years and was well worth the wait: ‘Solar Power’ – a brilliant piece. What was your favourite release of the week? Be sure to tweet us @umusic with your faves. Until we join you once again in Virgo Season, this has been UMUSIC, signing off!