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#FAOTM : March x Machine Gun Kelly

Posted on March 31, 2022

Machine Gun Kelly x mgk_usa

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‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on UMUSIC!

At UMUSIC, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at UMUSIC has admired for a long time. For this reason, UMUSIC has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our UMUSIC community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

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March’s fan account of the month features the Machine Gun Kelly fan page, @mgk_usa, that has been updating fans on everything MGK since 2019. The account is run by Lyla, based out of the Bay Area in California, who has been a fan since 2013. Lyla started their account when the 2019 Hotel Diablo Tour dates were announced, and wanted a place where they could help spread the word on Machine Gun Kelly and promote the countless events he was doing at the time.

“I challenged myself to create and grow this account for both MGK and the EST fanbase, and I am very proud with how far I have come with this.”


Lyla posts a variety of different content — updates, photoshoots, magazine articles, fun photo and video edits, as well as some memes.

The team at UMUSIC interviewed the mgk_usa administrator about their love for MGK, their favourite moments and much more. Below is a collection of their answers…

1. Why are you a fan of Machine Gun Kelly?

The list of reasons is probably as long as the list of songs MGK has in his discography! I could answer this question for hours on end, but let me start with saying: he has a heart of gold. He doesn’t let fame get in the way of his connection with his fans. I’ve never seen another artist interact in such a special way with his fans at a concert. He gives his fans memories that they will cherish forever. MGK has an unbreakable bond with his fans and continuously opens himself up to us. He’s a hard worker, always full of surprises, very genuine, and real. We will always hold him up and stick with him through all the highs and lows.

2. What makes MGK so unique?

He’s not afraid to experiment. He’s not afraid of the box that people try to place him in, whether it’s music or fashion. He constantly “sees the limit and takes it further,” as cleverly spoken in his song “papercuts.” Machine Gun Kelly’s creativity is captivating and his dedication to his fans is infinitely strong. Just a couple of days ago, the concert grounds of a Paraguay show he was going to play got flooded, so he got a large speaker and placed it in front of a hotel to give a show to his fans. To add, he clearly wants to make an impact on our world and he is certainly doing so! We need more artists that want to take part in positive change and inspiration. In a 2020 NME article, MGK talks about how he wants “young kids to be comfortable to pick up a guitar and try,” and in his most recent Billboard interview, he talks about how he wants to make his music nostalgic for his fans. He thinks about the future generation; the young rockstars and the unforgettable memories of the summer. He brings kids on stage to sing with him, rock out with him, and constantly inspires the youth to live out their dreams. He is a hero to so many of us and we are forever grateful for him.

3. What about MGK resonates with you?

His passion for music. Whether I am watching videos of him recording in the studio, performing live, or hearing him talk about his songs, all of this he does with such deep love. True passion is one of the greatest feelings in the world and I am eternally grateful for the strong passion I have for his music. I can feel his passion in his voice when he raps and sings. It allows for an easy way for me to instantly connect with him and find myself in his music.

4. How would you describe his fandom?

It’s more than a fandom, it’s a movement. A “ride til the wheels fall off,” “EST til the casket close,” die-hard loyal fanbase. EST, which stands for “Everyone Stands Together,” is a family who lifts each other up and spreads positivity. There is so much love and acceptance in this family and it makes my heart incredibly full. To add, we are very passionate about Machine Gun Kelly and there is an abundance of people in EST that share a common tattoo of the family crest, XX. We are EST for life! Oh, and we go very hard on fan-voted awards as can seen by the many awards that Machine Gun Kelly has won. Just ask MGK!

AMAs 2021: Favorite Rock Artist Winner

5. When and how did you first discover MGK? What was the first song you heard?

I first discovered MGK from my sister when I was about 10 years old. My sister showed me the “Breaking News” video and I instantly fell in love with him and his music. After diving deeper into Machine Gun Kelly’s discography and learning more about him, I quickly found myself becoming part of the “EST movement.” I began to watch the fan-adored YouTube series, KellyVision, and was able to look more into the everyday life of Machine Gun Kelly. It’s fascinating to reminisce upon and see how far they have come! As producer, writer, and best friend to MGK, Brandon “SlimXX” Allen, says in a fan-favourite, “Chip Off The Block,” “EST is a movement, get with it or get lost.” I got with the movement and I’m never leaving.

6. Are there any lyrics of his that have had an impact on you?

The minute I read this question, the first lyric/quote that came to mind was one from his song “Halo.” It goes: “And when you play this song, hold your head high, motherf***er. Don’t ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what makes us perfect.” The first time I heard him say this in my headphones, I instantly got goosebumps. I hold this quote very close to me. I appreciate how MGK places lyrics and quotes like these in his songs to allow his fans to find a safe place in his music. He is such a huge inspiration to me and to so many people out there. His words and music really do heal us through the darkest times. Even if it’s just through headphones or the stereo, we can always count on him to be with us.

7. How would you describe the new ‘mainstream sellout’ era? What do you think is next?

Every Machine Gun Kelly era is special in its own way; always so creative and legendary. I would describe the ‘mainstream sellout’ era as a mix of various feelings and emotions. The whole vibe and energy with this era is very fun-spirited and exhilarating. We are all so proud of the new album ‘mainstream sellout’ and the upcoming arena tour. However, he has been opening up about quite sensitive topics to us recently; the Billboard interview he did being one major example. Also, many of the songs on his album have an up-beat tempo, but it’s important to deeply listen to the lyrics. His feelings are shown very profoundly on this album and I know many of his fans recognize the vulnerability. In terms of what’s next, you never know with Machine Gun Kelly! He is always full of surprises. I do sense a rap album is on the way due to various hints he has been dropping over social media. In conclusion, it’s pretty clear to see that Machine Gun Kelly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

8. Do you have a preference for his pop punk vs rap music?

This question is always a tough one because it’s not only two genres with Machine Gun Kelly. Many people see “Tickets To My Downfall” and other newer releases as a “switch” from the rap genre, but it’s important to know that Machine Gun Kelly has been promoting the idea of people not “boxing” him into one or two genres since the beginning. He just keeps adding to his already versatile discography and us fans are loving it! In short, I prefer the Machine Gun Kelly genre of music.

9. Who would you like to see him collaborate with in the future?

If you asked me this question before “maybe” got released, I would have DEFINITELY said that my dream collab is Machine Gun Kelly x Bring Me The Horizon. In fact, many of the artists that I am currently listening to, I fell in love with because of their collabs with Machine Gun Kelly – such as YUNGBLUD and Iann Dior. With that being said, a new artist that I would love to see collaborate with Machine Gun Kelly in the future would be my favourite up-and-coming artist, Jordan Lutes, who is more famously known as “Jutes.” I feel like a collab between them would go so hard! I also know that me and many others are waiting for the Tyla Yaweh x MGK collab! Maybe on the next album? We’ll see!

Photo by David Avalos

10. Do you own any MGK merch? If not, is there anything you want to get?

I own a lot of MGK merchandise. I’m basically a walking billboard for Machine Gun Kelly at this point. I vividly remember the first piece of MGK merch I got: A “Black Flag” era shirt that was about two sizes too large because that was all Hot Topic had in stock. From there, my collection started to grow, ranging from things like older CDs, various hoodies, and even a limited edition signed “Hotel Diablo” graphic novel. I’m always on the lookout for the physical copies of some of his older mixtapes. If anybody happens to find one, you know where to find me!


11. What would you say to MGK if you got to meet him?

If I ever got to meet MGK, I would first make sure I’m not dreaming 😉 Anybody who knows me knows that meeting Machine Gun Kelly would mean the absolute world to me. In fact, I did purchase a meet-and-greet ticket that was limited to only 15 per show to his show in Reno, Nevada on Young Thug’s Justin Bieber Big Tour, but that show was unexpectedly canceled the day before. I will never forget my excitement knowing that I was going to meet him. Although the cancellation was devastating to me, I still believe that there is hope that I can meet him one day and say: “Thank you for everything. I have grown up with you and your music and seeing your dreams come true makes me happier than words could ever begin to describe. Your persistence to never give up on your dreams is truly inspirational to me and to millions of others. Thank you for making so many people feel hopeful, happy, inspired, and not alone with your music. Thank you for creating an incredible movement and community. I am beyond grateful for you and I will be by your side till the wheels fall off.” I would end with saying “thank you” because you can never say thank you too many times to the person whose music you hold the closest to you.

12. Finally, are there any other MGK fan accounts you recommend?

There are so many great MGK fan accounts out there that are passionate about MGK and the EST movement. The support that MGK fan accounts show to the EST gang and to each other is very special. No matter where in the world, we have a place where we can connect with each other and spread our love for MGK. There are various international accounts from all over the world that I recommend such as @mgk__italia, @mgkspainofficial, and @machinegunkellymexico. I also highly recommend @estxxcast, who is starting an EST-related podcast and shows immense support for the EST gang and the @mainstreamsellout account, that posts updates and videos from every show on tour in a quick manner that makes you feel like you’re experiencing the concert in real time.

Photo by Jordi Koalitic

From all of us at UMUSIC, we would like to thank Lyla of mgk_usa. We applaud you and all Machine Gun Kelly stans for your time, effort and dedication to supporting MGK.



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