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Posted on July 10, 2020

Who is Your Style Twin?

Your lifestyles may be a bit different—but chances are you have the same fashion sense as at least one of your favourite artists. Take the quiz below to find out who your style twin is, and don’t forget to check out the artist merch store to really seal the deal. 


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  • Your dream house is a...

    • Modern one-story house outside of London
    • Secluded beach house in Malibu
    • Bohemian apartment in Paris
    • Industrial loft in Los Angeles
  • Your favourite textile and embellishments are...

    • Tweed and Pearls
    • Denim and Chains
    • Silk and Tassels
    • Vinyl and Embroidery
  • Your favourite colour is...

    • Pink
    • Green
    • Red
    • Black
  • When you're going out, you want to...

    • Be Instagram ready
    • Feel comfortable
    • Feel romantic
    • Command attention
  • Which hashtag do you relate to...

    • #OLDSOUL
  • Your go to accessory is...

    • A hair ribbon
    • Sunglasses
    • A silk scarf
    • A namesake chain
  • Your beauty routine consists of...

    • Seamless foundation, blush, nude lip gloss
    • Minimal/no makeup...the hair is the star of the show
    • Full brows, adventurous eye makeup, red Lip
    • Natural finish, subtle bronzer, graphic eyeliner
  • Which decade had the best looks…

    • 1930's
    • 1990's
    • 1920's
    • 2000's
  • Your favourite magazine is...

    • Harper’s Bazaar
    • Paper
    • Elle
    • Cosmopolitan
  • An event you’d love to attend...

    • Cannes Film Festival
    • The Grammys
    • Vanity Fair After Party
    • Coachella

Jennie // Like the BLACKPINK member, you opt for a more chic look, but love to incorporate a bit of edge to make it a little less polished.

Billie Eilish // You have an eclectic street style that’s comfortable and colourful. You don’t take yourself too seriously, but you’re proud to be an individual.

Celeste // Your style is somewhere between bohemian and classic Hollywood glamour. You embrace femininity, theatrics, and luxe fabrics.

FLETCHER // You’re up on all the trends and always look put together! Your style is versatile, yet approachable. One day you’re in a tailored pant suit, the next, you’re in a fun animal print dress.