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“Live From South Africa: Dust and Thunder”

“We Wrote This Yesterday”

16 NOVEMBER 2016 (Toronto, ON) Mumford & Sons are very pleased to announce details of a new live DVD release, and the first details of “We Wrote This Yesterday” – an exclusive journey behind the scenes of the band’s 2016 South African tour. When Mumford & Sons discussed the idea of touring South Africa back in early 2015, it struck them as an uncharted, mini adventure. They would announce a handful of gigs and see who showed up. No pressure. 5000 tickets went on sale, 5000 tickets sold out instantly. 85,000 ticket sales later, and the band were embarking on more than a little adventure. Overnight it had become a fully-blown phenomenon. “Live From South Africa: Dust and Thunder” chronicles the meeting Mumford & Sons with their long-standing South African fans. A British band in huge demand, and a country extremely excited to welcome them. With a coachload of their close musical friends brought along for the ride, this exquisitely shot film captures the tour’s conclusion with two nights in the beautiful Pretorian outback. Airing new songs from Wilder Mind and the Johannesburg mini-album (a collaboration with Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg) for the first time, and watching the expansive crowds hollering back the old favourites, DUST AND THUNDER gets to the very heart of what makes Mumford & Sons such a special act. Captured with gusto by award-winning live specialist Dick Carruthers, the result is an exciting and emotional document and a truly spectacular concert film that may well go down as their finest. “Live From South Africa: Dust and Thunder” is available to purchase on February 3, 2017 via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company, in a variety of formats, including deluxe Gentlemen of the Road editions featuring the live film, the full-length documentary detailing the band’s historic trip to South Africa at the beginning of 2016, called “We Wrote This Yesterday”, and a live CD, all handsomely packaged in a hard-backed book. Directed by Sam Wrench, “We Wrote This Yesterday” follows the band and their latest set of collaborators, as they travel across uncharted territory playing the major cities of South Africa with an eclectic mix of musician friends. They explore the craft of songwriting and the people, events and influences that dictate that. The documentary showcases the band at their most open and collaborative as they relish the excitement of playing to crowds in new cities who have never seen them before. Along the way they set a fresh challenge for themselves; taking their collaborative culture one step further as they attempt to write and record a mini-album in just two days, with the other musicians on tour, titled simply Johannesburg. The filming of this process not only lifts the lid on the art of songwriting in an unforced and natural way but captures the journey and story as a group of artists collide, bringing references, ideas and musical styles from Senegal, Sweden, Malawi, Cape Town and London. By exploring South Africa its influence seeps into their musical collaboration. FORMATS
  1. “Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder” – A standalone concert film
Standard 1-disc DVD, blu-ray and digital
  1. “Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder” – Deluxe Gentlemen Of The Road editions
3-disc limited edition product in hardback CD-sized book – live film, documentary and live CD     (available as DVD or blu-ray) - “We Wrote This Yesterday” exclusive to these formats, physically.
  1. “We Wrote This Yesterday” – A standalone documentary digital
  1. Snake Eyes
  2. I Will Wait
  3. Below My Feet
  4. Wilder Mind
  5. Awake My Soul
  6. Lover Of The Light
  7. Tompkins Square Park
  8. Believe
  9. Ghosts That We Knew
  10. The Cave
  11. Ditmas
  12. Dust Bowl Dance
  13. Wona
  14. Lampenda
  15. There Will Be Time
  16. Little Lion Man
  17. The Wolf
LIVE CD – Available in the deluxe Gentlemen Of The Road editions
  1. I Will Wait
  2. Below My Feet
  3. Wilder Mind
  4. Awake My Soul
  5. Lover Of The Light
  6. Tompkins Square Park
  7. Believe
  8. Ghosts That We Knew
  9. The Cave
  10. Dust Bowl Dance
  11. There Will Be Time
  12. Little Lion Man
  13. The Wolf
About Mumford & Sons Multi-platinum selling Mumford & Sons (Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Marcus Mumford) were formed in 2007 and have released three studio albums to date, the last two of which debuted at #1 in Canada and in the UK and US. Their latest recordings, the mini-album Johannesburg, were released in June this year. Throughout the band’s career (so far), they have sold nearly 10 million albums and won Grammy awards, BRITs, Billboard Music Awards, ARIAs, Q, Echo, Juno and Ivor Novello awards, and been nominated or shortlisted for multiple others.