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Listen to I Came Home Late HERE



01 SEPTEMBER 2023 (TORONTO,ON) – Today, the multi-faceted vocalist, songwriter, and producer Ama Lou unveils her highly anticipated debut album, I Came Home Late. Listen HERE via Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada. The 15-song set, which includes previously released singles “Silence” and “Caught Me Running,” is the ideal showcase for an artist so incisive and adaptive, crossing genres and moods with ease while it establishes Ama Lou’s inimitable point of view.  Watch the album trailer HERE.


Late on the magnetic, constantly molting “Tokyo Cowboy,” Lou sings, “I wipe my slate clean,” slipping out from one emotional climax in search of another. This combination of personal restlessness and artistic ingenuity bears out across I Came Home Late, which leverages a mastery of different styles and tones to bring light to every corner of a complex human being. Take the way the shimmering pop of “Range 95” communicates, in the context of the album, a hard-won tranquility, or how “Be Well” strips away any trace of clutter, any last bit of artifice, to leave her totally and truly exposed.   


Raised in London and committed to songwriting since the age of 11, Ama Lou has emerged as one of the most multi-talented creative forces of her generation. Ama burst onto the scene with her first single 'TBC' in 2016, catching the attention of artist Drake who cited it as one of the main influences for his 2018 Album Scorpion. Her following EPs 'DDD', 'Ama, Who?' and 'At Least We Have This Now' positioned Ama as an industry mainstay artist.  Few artists could serve as the executive producer of their own debut album—let alone a debut so prismatic—and make its personal and emotional threads tie together so beautifully. In addition to her work in the studio, Lou has directed her own videos as well as served as their costume designer, a vestige of her renowned work in the fashion world.


With I Came Home Late, Lou makes an undeniable case for herself as one of the major artists to watch in the 2020s.


 Ama Lou — I Came Home Late Track List

1.Caught Me Running
2. No Safety
3. Car Parts
4. Tokyo Cowboy
5. Played Me
6. Frustrated
7. Bad Weather
8. Winter
9. Range 95
11. Silence
12. Patience
13. Real Life
14. Be Well
15. I Came Home Late


Executive Produced by Ama Lou




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