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29 JUNE 2023 (TORONTO,ON)  Today, rising pop artist Ashley Kutcher releases vulnerable new single “Boy From Carolina.” Seductive, bittersweet, and relatable, the track details the highs and love of young love through Kutcher’s emotive and dreamy lyrics. "Boy From Carolina" is accompanied by an official music video, which paints a dreamy portrait of a blossoming relationship, and its gut-wrenching end. Watch HERE


Listen to “Boy From Carolina” (Darkroom / Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada) by Ashley Kutcher via all digital retailers HERE.


"How do I know your skin? How do I know your touch?" Kutcher sings over strummed guitar and sparse percussion. "But you never let me in, you never open up." The singer-songwriter documents that aching sense of distance on the chorus: “I could pick him right out of a lineup, Southern-looking boy from Carolina / blue eyes, but I don’t know what’s behind them.” It’s impossible to not get swept up in the raw emotions on display.


That also applies to the touching video, which follows Kutcher as she gets to know a small-town guy. It’s broken up, like a flood of vibrant memories, which all lead to her love interest getting caught cheating on her with another woman. The aching loss of the visualizer is driven home by the chorus’s final line: “He’s a good guy, and a damn-good liar.” Watch the official music video HERE 


"Boy From Carolina" follows Kutcher’s recent single “I Can’t Swim,” a potent exploration of rekindling romance following heartbreak—with the same person. It was preceded by “Everyone and No One,” an equally bittersweet breakdown of love and doubt. Before that came her Survive My Own Mind EP, which featured the stripped-down “Love You More”—a streaming hit with more than 14 million streams on Spotify alone. The EP also contained the acoustic TikTok sensation “Nothing’s All the Time,” as well as the infectious “Emotionless.” With “Boy From Carolina,” the 24-year-old's disarming ability to charm listeners with heart and vulnerability has never been more apparent. 



Singer-songwriter Ashley Kutcher tells raw, real, and relatable stories through her music by candidly addressing her own mental health, pondering where a relationship might be headed, or discussing her emotions in depth. By doing so, she invites listeners to partake in her story as they live out their own. The Baltimore-born and New York-based singer, songwriter, and artist asserts herself as a consummate storyteller with a whole lot to say. She started to build a connection in 2019 as she performed countless gigs in local bars in between attending college for nursing. Gaining traction with her own music online, she answered a Twitter follower’s request with “Love You From A Distance.” After taking over TikTok and inspiring millions of “creates,” the song exploded to the tune of over 80.8 million Spotify streams and paved the way for her first EP, One Eighty, in 2021. It yielded fan favorites such as “If I Could,” “The Night You Left,” and more. In its wake, she notably sold out her first two headlining shows on the East Coast in New York and the West Coast in Los Angeles. Now, she opens up more than ever on her forthcoming debut album, due out later this year [Darkroom/Interscope Records].


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