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Baio Unveils New Single “PHILOSOPHY!”

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Announces Sophomore Solo Album Man Of The World out June 30

12 May 2017 (Toronto, ON)Baio unveiled the debut single “PHILOSOPHY!” from his forthcoming sophomore solo album, Man of the World today, set for release on June 30 via Glassnote Records / Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading company. The album was recorded in Brixton, London and co-produced by Chris Baio and John Foyle. Built on an irresistible groove, first single “PHILOSOPHY!” is a deceptively buoyant breakup song chronicling a terminal failure of communication. Written amidst the false equivalencies, polarizing fake news and gridlocked shouting matches that characterized political life in the last year, it’s about what we talk about when we are realizing that philosophizing is not powerful enough to change anyone’s mind. The song is a reflection of an album whose themes of alienation, paranoia, and political will to power are belied by airy melodies and a crystalline pop sheen. Baio said: “Writing Man of the World was my way of processing 2016, a year that began with the death of my favorite artist, David Bowie, and ended with the greatest political disruption of my adult life – all while I was a nomad, an American living in London, touring two continents, never fully of either place. It's partially about being trapped in my own head, obsessing about things it was too late to change, feeling afraid and guilty and alone. It’s also my attempt to document a certain sense of loss that felt both intensely personal and like part of a larger collective experience many were going through at once.” About Baio Baio’s 2015 full-length solo debut, The Names, amassed critical praise from the likes of Pitchfork, SPIN, Stereogum, The New York Times, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Paste and more. The album’s single, ‘Sister of Pearl,‘ debuted on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, was a hit on Alt Nation and Sirius XMU, and has gone on to be streamed nearly 10 million times on Spotify. Chris Baio is also the bass player of the Grammy-winning band Vampire Weekend. Man Of The World Track Listing:
  1. Vin Mariani
  2. The Key is Under The Mat
  3. Out of Tune
  5. Exquisite Interlude
  7. Man of The World
  8. Sensitive Guy
  9. I’m Not Curious
  10. Shame in My Name
  11. Be Mine

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