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07 APRIL 2023 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sofia Camara releases “Something Better”, her second single since signing to 21 Entertainment/Universal Music Canada. 




Recently spotlighted as one of Rogers’ One to Watch artists for January, and iHeartRadio’s Future Star for February and March, Sofia Camara is gearing up to make herself a household name in the music scene. The heart-wrenching new ballad, which was produced by Toronto-based recording engineer Evan Miles, showcases Sofia’s continuous ability to move listeners through her captivating voice and emotional lyrics about love and heartbreak.  


Since previewing the new single on her social media platforms a few weeks ago, Sofia’s fans have been begging for the official release. Her emotional, tear-jerking lyrics have related to over 147K fans on TikTok, who liked the snippet and pleaded with Sofia to share the full song.  


But even when you hold me, I’m afraid to tell you that I’m lonely,” belts Sofia in the powerful chorus. “There’s nothing left to talk about, but even though I know we’re bad together, I don’t think that I want something better, hold me, and tell me that you don’t want something better,” she continues, singing about a relationship that she knows has run its course, but hoping that they can work through their issues. 


This song really embodies the true emotion of being stuck in the middle and fighting for what you deserve,” says Sofia about the new single. “Hitting your breaking point, having the courage to walk away while still wishing it worked out differently. When writing this song, I was in a vulnerable place after ending my relationship. When I listened back to it the first time with everyone in the room I just broke down in tears. I think that’s when I realized it was truly over. I had to push through the pain and remind myself that soon, everything would be okay, and eventually I would want ‘Something Better.’


I always knew this song was special from the moment we finished it. Since then it’s always been one I've held very close to my heart,” she adds. “Seeing the love it’s getting, it’s very rewarding and comforting to know that there are so many people who have been in the same place as I was in and can relate to the song on a personal level.”


The new release comes months following the arrival of Sofia’s breakthrough single “Never Be Yours”, which has been playing across KiSS stations nationally since the start of the new year and helped make her Rising Star’s Artist of the Month in September 2022. Sofia has since released two alternate renditions of the song, sharing the unplugged and acoustic versions with her fans across all digital platforms. 


As she continues to impress audiences nationwide, Sofia has been tapped to join Virginia to Vegas and New Friends on tour this spring in cities across Canada, showcasing her vocal melodies and musical storylines on stage. Stay tuned for much more to come from Sofia Camara.  



May 5 – Victoria, BC – Wicket Hall 
May 6 – Vancouver, BC – Hollywood Theatre 
May 8 – Calgary, AB – Commonwealth Bar 
May 9 – Edmonton, AB – The Starlite Room 
May 11 – Saskatoon, SK – Louis’ 
May 12 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre 


Photo Credit: Lane Dorsey  



Sofia Camara builds her songs with an architect’s vision. For the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, she’ll glide across the keys, or strum a chord progression, until she lands on a melody that fits the lyrical storyline she’s been weaving together in her head. She writes best when it’s late. Nightfall invites a particular vulnerability, when animated recollections of the day become the seed of inspiration — often, she replays on the events of the day, and imagines a new outcome. 


Her breakthrough single “Never Be Yours” is the triumph of an artist attuned to the contours of her voice — a gift to her 303K+ followers on TikTok who have liked her videos over 7.4 million times. It aligns with an artistic ambition devoted to relatability above all else, and attempts to offer up her experiences so others might better understand theirs. Instinctually, she defers space to the emotions of those around her: always listening, learning, then leaning into what she hears. It’s the same way she approaches covers of songs crafted by others (Miley Cyrus was a fan of Camara’s cover of “When I Look at You”) with more than a goal to recreate, but a desire to fully embody the spirit of a song; getting in between the lines of a track and creating something raw and new. A perfectionist at heart, Sofia Camara is pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone to better perfect her craft. 


Approaching universal themes — like infatuation and heartache, loss and self-discovery — Sofia Camara finds the sweet spot of post-adolescent curiosity, mixed with a self-aware maturity wise beyond her years. She’s detail-oriented above all else, pinpointing a deeply human emotion then examining it from all sides. She’s courageously a work in progress. 


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