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 An instrumental edition of the critically acclaimed 2022 album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE written and produced by Brian Eno


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            Praise for FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE:


“Heartbreaking songs shot through with wonder…. these songs feel personal, intimate and urgent.” ****, The Observer 


“FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE is not a ‘protest album’, Eno insists, but rather, a necessarily sombre meditation on a world that is “changing at a super-rapid rate….large parts of it are disappearing forever.” As such, it is as timely as it is sobering and, in places, austerely, compellingly beautiful.” - ****, Mojo


“‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE’ is nostalgic, melancholic, hopeful and hopeless, existentialist and nihilist. Brian Eno is one of the few artists who is able to convey the things he does by using so little, and ‘FOREVER’ is a prime example of his mastery.” - 9/10 CLASH


21 APRIL 2023 (TORONTO, ON) - We are very excited to announce the release of FOREVER VOICELESS. For this Record Store Day exclusive, Eno has removed his voice from his acclaimed 2022 record, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE and shifted the focus onto its musical core.


FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE quickly garnered praise from critics and was a distinct departure from recent Eno albums, featuring his vocals as primary focus across an entire album for the first time since 2005’s Another Day On Earth.


With FOREVER VOICELESS each track from the original album now has it’s instrumental counterpart.


"Icarus or Blériot" becomes "Who We Are" - without Eno’s voice, the emphasis moves over to a nervous, pulsing swell that sometimes threatens to overwhelm, like the soundtrack to a doomed science fiction catastrophe. WATCH


"Sherry" becomes "Chéri". From its first opening chord, the stark poignant beauty of Chéri feels like you are sitting in a quiet, dusky bar at the end of a long evening, built around a beautiful piano melody, swirling keyboards and Leo Abrahams' exquisite guitar. WATCH


Eno experimented with the use of tonal over major chord changes for the original album that was at times choral and hymnal, sometimes apocalyptic and then hauntingly beautiful. These instrumentals reveal the starkly dramatic and delicate tones that set these shifting moods. The album’s theme, a reaction on the ongoing climate emergency, is now laid out clearly in this hypnotic, sonic landscape.


FOREVER VOICELESS is available on crystal clear vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day as well as selected digital platforms. It is also available digitally paired with the original album together as a Digital Deluxe Album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE (FOREVER VOICELESS EDITION).


The recordings were written, performed and produced by Eno at his studios in West London and Norfolk and is available HERE and HERE for digital.





Produced by Brian Eno. Post-producer – Leo Abrahams.



A Thought, And Let It In, Who Are We, Crystal Light, Inclusion,

Bells Above, Chéri, Hardly, Me, Small Noise, Silence

Digital *:


Vocal Album:

Who Gives A Thought, We Let It In, Icarus Or Blériot,Garden Of Stars

Inclusion, There Were Bells, Sherry, I’m Hardly Me, These Small Noises, Making Gardens Out Of Silence

Instrumental album:

A Thought, And Let It In, Who Are We, Crystal Light, Inclusion, Bells Above, Chéri, Hardly Me Small Noise Silence

* Both versions are now available together as a Digital Deluxe Album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE (Forever Voiceless edition).


All instruments by brian eno except where noted

a thought • guitar leo abrahams

who are we • guitar leo abrahams

crystal light • guitar leo abrahams / accordion roger eno

keyboards peter chilvers

inclusion • violin & viola marina moore

bells above • guitar leo abrahams / accordion roger eno

chéri • guitar leo abrahams

small noise • keyboard jon hopkins / guitar leo abrahams

produced by brian eno

post-producer: leo abrahams


all compositions by brian eno except

a thought by brian eno & the earth

and let it in and hardly me by brian eno & darla eno

small noise by brian eno & jon hopkins

software development & technology design

peter chilvers / eccentric instruments

design & imagery nick robertson

cover & atmospherics nick robertson & brian eno

mastered by christian wright at abbey road studio


Album Artwork by Nick Robertson



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